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Top 20 Richest Superheroes Of All Time

| Published on December 7, 2020

We have all grown watching superhero movies and have read more than 100 comic strips on the same. Batman, Superman, Ironman, Spiderman – all of these heroes have been a part of our childhood fantasies, and have also lasted in us as adults. The usual fights between the Marvel and DC universe – picking sides, choosing one over the other and playing games involving our superheroes – it has all been a fun and enchanting time for us. So do you know which of our favourite superheroes are actually rich? Rich in their backgrounds, rich in history, and of course rich in their own professions!

Vanquis Bank calculated the annual salary & revealed a list of the top 20 richest superheroes. The bank released the salary of their profession in the city they are based. Based on the fictional city a superhero belongs to, it has been considered to the real-world place the fictional city is based on.

Here’s a list of 20 superheroes and how much they have earnt in their positions,



Known as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne aka Batman rules over Gotham City. He has an annual salary of $988,902.

Iron Man

The CEO of Stark Industries, Tony Stark aka Iron Man has an annual salary of $920,006 and lives in Los Angeles.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow is the CEO of Queen Consolidated. Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow has an annual salary of $894,098.

Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange is a neurosurgeon by profession, residing in Los Angeles. Better known as Doctor Strange and played by actor Benedict Cumberbatch, his annual salary is approximately $394,765.


Wade Wilson is a mercenary earning an annual salary of $180,000. He is better known as Deadpool and lives in Canada/USA.

Professor X

Charles Xavier aka Professor X is the founder of the Xavier’s School of Gifted Youngsters. He lives in New York and makes an annual salary of $132, 012.


Barbara Gordon is the head of the Gotham City Public Library and is popularly known as Batgirl. She has an annual salary of $121,881.


A lawyer by profession, Matt Murdock aka Daredevil is based in New York. His annual salary is $121,394.

Black Lightning

As a High School Principal, Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning earns $104,268 and lives in Georgia.


The sidekick to Batman, Robin/Nightwing or Dick Greyson is ideally a police detective and earns an annual salary of $84,00.

War Machine

James Rhodes aka War Machine resides in the USA and is an Air Force Colonel. His annual salary is $83,174.


Clint Barton is a DC Shield’s Agent and is known as Hawkeye. His annual salary is $73,917.


Bruce Banner aka Hulk is a research scientist in Virginia. His annual salary is $71,852.


Falcon makes an annual salary of $70,179 a year. His real name is Sam Wilson who is a social worker in Washington DC.

The Flash

Barry Allen is a Crime Scene Investigator. He is the Flash and earns $64,648 annually.

Captain Marvel

rich Superheroes

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is an Air Force Major and earns $59,824 annually.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff is a Russian KGB Operative. Known as Black Widow, she earns $55,200 annually.


Believe it or not, Superman earns an annual salary of $53,070 and is Metropolis based Journalist.

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Captain America

Steve Rogers aka Captain America is based out of Brooklyn and earns an annual salary of $52,599.

Green Lantern

Do you think we missed out on anyone? Share your thoughts with us and let us know which other superheroes should have been on this list.

Source: Times Now News

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