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Top 10 Travel Bloggers In India 2020

| Published on February 3, 2020

Today’s world is majorly owned and dominated by bloggers and influencers spread all over social media. How many times do we get to see amazing pictures of food, beautiful destinations, and astonishing outfits? That’s how influencers come into the picture.

This article displays 10 best and top travel bloggers of 2020 that triumphantly elevate your senses to pack your bags and leave the house immediately! Let’s check them out without further adieu!

1. Nivedith Gajapathy

He gave up on his Digital Marketing job in the year 2015 to follow his passion to unfurl the world. His Instagram profile has pictures of different cultural aspects and places we all crave to step foot in!

2. Indrani Ghose

An ex to Indian Air Force left all of it to be in new and different places and by now she has already been to 21 countries. So Proud!

3. Swati & Sam

These two cute software engineers have traveled to 16 countries and a lot of explored and unexplored Indian places as well. This couple is going places!

4. Ajay Sood

Ajay’s Instagram is flooded with pretty pictures of different destinations across the world. Well, the pictures justify his profession of travel photographer!

5. Archana Singh

This gorgeous is a rewarded Travel Blogger and Writer. Her Instagram photos have mini-stories as their captions and her handle is popular all over the world.

6. Umang Trivedi

Umang’s sky-diving pictures are worth-watching on his Instagram handle. He is a nature lover who has partial love for mountain peaks!

7. Shivya Nath

One of the travel influencers with the highest following on Instagram handle. She has been featured on BBC, NatGeo, Washington Post⁣. Her plan is not to leave any part of the world, it seems!

8. Ami Bhat

A travel blogger with the most colorful photos on her Instagram. She loves to visit heritage destinations and mountains are home!

9. Sumit Sharma

A marketer with an unending love for travel. Currently, exploring India!

10. Revati & Charles Victor

The Indian couple who loves to travel and believe that there is no necessity of quitting jobs in order to explore beautiful cities and countries.
So, where next?
Source: TravelTriangle

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