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Top 10 Tech Influencers On Instagram You Must Follow

| Published on October 21, 2019

If you’re one those tech-savy people whose always on the look for some super-rich tech content, here are top 11 accounts you need to follow instantly on your Instagram to keep up with the latest news, views, and reviews of the latest and most innovative technology on the consumer market.

1. Mrwhosetheboss


Arun Maini, who is known as mrwhosetheboss has some pretty loyal fanbase across different social media platforms. The famous Youtuber from the UK has over 2.88 million subscribers on his channel and 446K followers on Instagram. He covers all the latest technology that’s out in the market and compares them to find the best tech for you.

2. Supersaf


Safwan Ahmedmia, better known by his stage name SuperSaf, is a British technology reviewer and internet personality best known for his technology-based YouTube channel, SuperSaf TV, which has over 1.4 million subscribers and over 260 million total video views.

3. Ijustine

Justine Ezarik is an American YouTube personality, host, actress, and model, with over a billion views across her YouTube channels since 2006. She gained attention as a life caster who communicated directly with her millions of viewers on her Justin.tv channel, ijustine.tv. She is known for making videos related to technology and video games.

4. Uravgconsumer


Judner Aura is a famous YouTube reviewer from the USA who became popular for his tech reviews and gained more than 2.6 million subscribers since the channel began in 2012.



Marques Keith Brownlee, also known professionally as MKBHD, is an American YouTuber, best known for his technology-focused videos. The channel, whose name is a concatenation of MKB and HD, has over 9 million subscribers and over 1.40 billion total video views.

6. JerryRigEverything

Zack Nelson, also known as JerryRigEverything, is a technology-based YouTuber best known to review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos.

7. UnboxTherapy


Unbox Therapy is a Canadian unboxing and technology YouTube channel produced by Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann. Hilsenteger is the channel’s host and McCann is the videographer. The channel has 15 million subscribers and its videos have received over three billion views.

8. Austinnotduncan  


Austin Evan is a technology guru who publishes videos featuring gaming PC builds, Top 5s, and the latest video games to his self-titled YouTube channel. He has earned over 3.9 million YouTube subscribers.

9. c4ETech


Ash, popularly known by his YouTube channel name C4ETech, is an Indian based tech YouTuber. From tech reviews, gadget comparisons & performance tests to app & game recommendations, he puts out a lot of high-quality videos every month.

10. Techburner

Krystal is a technology enthusiast from the USA. She publishes unboxings, reviews, and comparisons about the newest products related to tech to her YouTube channel Krystal Key.

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