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Top 10 Startups From Punjab That Are Changing The Game

| Published on June 24, 2020

Punjab has been home to many great entrepreneurs. A number of promising start-ups are now coming up all across the state courtesy of its brilliant entrepreneurs.

1. PayMart

PayMart offers users services like domestic and international money transfer. This start-up was launched in 2015 by Amit Narang, who previously founded FX Mart. PayMart is an ambitious project that aims to lessen the struggles of searching for an ATM by converting small shops into cashpoints. It also aims to educate the rural sections about the benefits of going cashless.

2. AgNext

AgNext is an agritech startup that provides farmers with detailed data on food and agricultural value to help them get the best outputs and helps them improve overall productivity. Founded in 2016 by Taranjeet Singh Bhamra and Mrigank Sharad, AgNext is improving its user base every year and has secured a large funding from several companies including $4 million in 2018.

3. uTrade Solutions

uTrade Solutions specializes in stock trading technologies and provides users with risk management systems, trade-analytics, and other such services. Several global financial institutions have become his clients since it was founded in 2011 by Kunal Nandwani, Harwinder Sidhu, Mayank Mathur, and Ashish Grover.

4.  Waypals

Waypals helps in reducing accidents by monitoring and analyzing driving behaviour. It also helps in real-time tracking, crash alerts, and incident reporting. It offers an interactive dashboard to insurance admins for access to data. Founded in 2015, it has managed to earn a revenue of Rs. 2Cr.

5.  TickTalkTo

TickTalkTo connects users to mental health practitioners who’ll be able to help them. Founded in 2018 by Abhay Singhal, the startup is helping over 3.5K users take care of their mental health easily and is helping destigmatize the topic.

6. Jugnoo

Founded in 2014 by Chinmay Agarwal & Samar Singla, Jugnoo is a unique start-up that offers to make daily commuting easier by connecting riders to auto-rickshaws. It has received investments from several big names like PayTm and Snow Leopard due to its success in 45+ cities.

7. Technocrats Horizons Compusoft

This start-up helps clients in web development, software developments, and multimedia. Founded in 2005 by Tarvinder Singh, an expert in web technology himself, the company claims that it has served over a thousand clients since its inception.


Over 4 million students across 200 countries have benefited from WizIQ, which has become one of the world’s biggest cloud-based educational platforms. It was founded in 2007 by Harman Singh and helps educators to impart knowledge by providing them with cost-effective technology.

9. Stumania

Founded in 2017 by Raghu Madan & Sahil Sharma, Stamina is an educational platform that helps students access learning material like books and assignments. It also allows users to donate or rent old books.

10. Flambird

Flambird brings customers user-friendly furniture designs. It manufactures and markets all of its designs on its own. Founded in 2016 by interior designer Jagjit Jassal, this has become a popular start-up.

Several such innovative start-ups are springing up in all parts of Punjab and the country.

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