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Top 10 Sneaker Brands In India

| Published on February 15, 2021

Sneakers have become an important shoe-wear for one and all. Not only they are fashionable, but they are sporty as well and serve multiple purposes.

Play sports or go for a run every morning, it is always better to invest in a good-quality sneaker. To all the sneakerheads out there, below, we have rounded up a list of brands that offer the best sneakers in India:

1. Puma

The Virat Kohli endorsed brand has become a hot favorite when it comes to sneakers. Take your fashion quotient to another level, with puma sneakers, as it offers an amazing range of colors and designs. However, it is not their looks that make them so popular, it is their comfort.

2. Nike

Nike established its name by sponsoring sports teams and athletes across the globe, with sports accessories and footwear. This is one big reason why Nike has a name for itself in the market of sneakers. Upgrade your sneaker game, with Nike.

3. Fila

One of the best-selling sneaker brands, Fila first started as a brand for sports clothing. With time, they evolved to sports footwear establishing itself as one of the best names in the industry. Their products are attractive, well-priced, and also extremely durable.

4. Converse

One of the few brands, with their uniqueness, were able to bring in a completely different segment and a variant of sneakers. Converse is one of the most trustable brands, with converse all-star shoes being the most popular.

5. Adidas

Again, like Nike, they established their name by sponsoring athletes across the globe with their sporting necessities. Adidas is well known for all sports accessories right from clothing to shoes.

Adidas sneakers will not only be stylish but also extremely comfortable. They have established a brand name in the industry and a pair of sneakers will surely prove to be an investment for you.

6. Skechers

A pair of sneakers from Skechers can be slightly costlier than the other brands on the list, but once you own it, you will understand why are they so expensive. They are comfortable, stylish, and their USP is that their sole absorbs impact from the floor.

7. Reebok

There was a time when Reebok was synonymous to any athletic wear, including sneakers across the globe. However, they lost a part of their market share sometime back but they are rising again, with good-quality sneakers and sports accessories, both at a moderate price.

8. Levi’s

Primarily, Levi’s rose through the ranks with their jeans market. Slowly, they have expanded to other industries as well, including sneakers. Like their jeans, their sneakers are best for daily and casual use.

9. United Colors of Benetton

A lot like Levi’s in many ways, UCB was also a clothing brand initially, which later dipped its feet in the sneakers industry. UCB sneakers are affordable, comfortable, and stylish.

10. U.S Polo

These are one of the few brands that offer you a complete outfit, including sneakers. Although they are not well known for their sneakers, it still offers a great range to choose from especially if you are looking for something casual.

Sneakers are an investment and you certainly want them to last for a few years at least. So make your pick, wisely!

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