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Top 10 Small Trading Business Ideas To Earn Big In 2019

| Published on April 19, 2019

No business starts big. It is started from scratch and made into a big and successful one. You must have read the success stories of a successful business like Facebook, Google, but the struggle story is even more beautiful.
Small business can be easily set up at home and will have an investment of, sometimes as less as, Rs.10,000. Trading business is a sort of business where you buy from manufacturers or wholesalers and sell them to the customers directly or to retailers.
Listed below are the top 10 business ideas in India, for budding entrepreneurs. These businesses have high chances of growth and will have a lasting impact on the market. These are creative as well as pocket-friendly.

1) Costume Jewelry

With growing love for fashion and style statement, girls have been addictive to costume jewelry. The jewelry are gorgeous and adds an extra charm to a girl. And, hence, the costume jewelry market in India, has seen a significant rise in recent times. Many entrepreneurs buy the jewelry from wholesalers, and then sell it to the customers directly through their Instagram or Facebook page. The prices are reasonable and the pieces are beautiful.


2) Green Tea

With growing health conscious and an aim to lead a happy and healthy life, the green tea market has seen rapid growth. It has more popularity than black tea. Green tea is highly advantageous. And, with the growing market and impactful advertisements and endorsements, the green tea trading business will surely be a success.

Green Tea

3) Mobile Accessories

Our androids are close to our heart, and so are the other accessories which are complementary to them. It has been noted by industry experts, that in the coming years, the mobile industry will seen a growth of 17%. Mobile accessories like headphones, power banks, pendrives, mobile covers, are highly popular among youth. Thus, it also stands as the highly profitable trading idea.

Mobile Accessories

4) Solar Products and Equipments

America and other nations, have already started using solar products, long back. As our resources are gradually on their way to perish, the solar equipment are a relief. Solar products directly consume and convert the sunlight into energy. Many buildings in India already run on electricity, produced through solar energy. If you belong from a hilly or village area, solar products like solar lanterns, heaters, etc. can be your trading products.

Solar Lantern

5) Leather Bags

With growing fashion conscious and class, so is rising the market of leather bags. People now prefer more leather bags, instead of any other material, for their daily use. To start a leather bag trading business, you can easily choose from leather bags to wallets to start from. Many companies have already been ruling this industry.

Leather Bags

6) Online Bakery

If you are cake artist, and want your talent to spread and also earn, you can easily open an online bakery. People nowadays, want everything readymade and at their doorsteps
So whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, they do not want to run to the shops, and have the cakes at their doorsteps. The prime thing you have to do is just open a Facebook and Instagram page, and make it popular among the masses.
Or, another way is that you can pick cakes from other shops, and sell it online and keep the profit.


7) Tiffin Services

Busy lifestyle has lead to skipping meals. But, what if you have something to your rescue? Tiffin services are a relief to many office-goers and is highly popular among the IT and call center industries. All you have to do is take out your granny’s secret recipe book, cook delicious and healthy food, and deliver them.

8 Scented Candles

To meditate or to spend some romantic time with your dear one, all someone need is aromatic candles. They can be easily made at home. Or, one can easily order them through various e-commerce sites and then sell them. This industry has seen rapid growth due to aromatherapy and rising trend of candle night dinners.

Aroma Candles

9) Computer Peripherals

There is a really very good scope of making money in this trading business. The rise in the need for keyboards, speakers, mouse, webcam have led to the growth of the computer peripherals industry. This industry has no downfall and is rapidly increasing.

Computer Accessories

10) Herbal Products

If we are talking about skin care, health and beauty, we have to relate herbal products. Earlier, it was used only by the high-class people, but now even commoners use it. The Ayurvedic market has already predicted that the need for herbal products will grow in recent years. So, this business idea is also one of the top trading business ideas.

Thus, we have listed the top 10 trading and small business ideas which will not leave a hole in your pocket. And, will also yield you high profits. So, don’t think more and let your entrepreneur skills take out its wings.

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