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Top 10 Small Town Business Ideas With High Profit Rates For 2020

| Published on December 4, 2019

Everyone deserves an opportunity to start their dream company or work on their own business. There are always hurdles to cross, battles to fight but at the end of the day, hardwork wins.

One such big battle that most people consider the most difficult to beat is the problem of finding the right place for your business, especially if you live in a small, close-knit town. More often than not, small towns mean more niche businesses or less demand for any extravagant ideas. Infact, they also mean going to the basics and working with the culture of the place.

In all honesty, it actually works as an advantage when it comes to launching your own business, I have listed 10 really feasible and simple ideas below:

1. The aroma of Coffee

Find a cute and cozy spot with a decent amount of investment to have this idea take off. A coffee shop allows localities to chill, study, work or just spend some good time. Make the interiors simple and charming, have a small bookshelf and use fresh beans to have an amazing run as a business.

2. Styling it right

Launch a clothing boutique, bringing in fresh ideas and designs, especially if you are interested in that field. Anything that is different yet modern, doesn’t go against the town’s culture and fits their tastes, you’ll find a huge demand.

3. Knead it well

Whenever in doubt, have a bakery ready to takeover. With a minimalistic staff requirement and finding a good chef, you’re good to go. If your interests already lie in baking, then this business would be a superhit. However, understand the tastebuds of the locals and your competition before making a decision regarding the menu.

4. Bodega time

If you are willing to invest a substantial amount and see a lack of competition in an area, a grocery store is perfect. Have a good infrastructure layout, see a procurement channel with fresh items and try to bring in items that are otherwise not easily available but highly demanded in the vicinity. As long as the timings match the town’s needs, it will be good to go.

5. On the wheels

Take your town on a mini-tour with your own food truck. Have a portable food station where you can have menus as per seasons, festivals or days. Find different spots to sell and market on-the-go.

6. Learn and teach

If you enjoy working with kids, mentoring people and helping others, this is your best option. Be a tutor at home or travel as per your convenience to teach various kids and subjects. This is also an amazing opportunity to stay in touch with education and your root theoretical concepts.

7. The fitness trend

Find a small apartment or a space in the neighborhood to start your own gym venture. It could be filled with machines and equipment if you want to invest well or rather be more of a group exercise, workshop or free-hand workout arena for friends and family. Hire a good trainer or if you are one yourself, set the prices and get, set, go!

8. The chill vibes

If the warm weather hits your small hub frequently and you see a lack of creative ice-cream parlours, take the initiative to launch one. Colourful interiors, loads of ice-cream flavours, seasonal fruit toppings, and brownies. Trust me, the crowd will come soaring in, especially children and teens.

9. Bowl, Bowl, and Bowl

This one requires huge investment but the long-term return is high. People in small towns crave for a chill and fun bowling arena, where they can hang out, grab a bite and compete with friends in bowling. A simplistic model, decently charged prices and cleanliness, that is all that you need.

10. Gifting the good

If you want to be the jack of all trades, launch a gift shop in the central part of town. It can have everything from goodies, chocolates, food items, books, accessories, and cards, depending on the liking of the crowd you are targeting.

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