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Top 10 Small Manufacturing Business Ideas Under Rs 10 Lakhs For 2020

| Published on December 31, 2019

What is a manufacturing business and what is its future? The simple process of converting the raw materials into finished goods so that it can be sold to customers or other manufacturing concerns for further production.

This sector has a high potential for growth in the near future only if manufacturing technologies adapt to the changes in the environment. Here is a list of the top ten small manufacturing business that can be started under 10 lakhs and has a lucrative future:

1. Packing boxes and cartons

Cartons play a substantial part in delivering goods and are used to transport various products within different countries and the cost of its manufacturing ranges between 5-10 lakhs.

2. Tissue paper

This line is one of the best manufacturing business ideas to start with a small investment. Tissue papers are demanded in restaurants, coffee shops, tea stalls, food centres, weddings, parties. The cost of manufacturing a tissue paper machine is Rs.5 lakhs and it offers an amazing scope of growth in the near future.

3. Jute bags

Jute bags are required for loading different types of grains. To kick-start, you just need two machines for this business – one for cutting and one for sewing and also a few labourers ranging between 2-3.

4. Customized T-shirt printing

Wearing T-shirts customized with their own names or a personalized message is the new trend. This is usually implemented with T-shirt printing machines and does not require huge investments.

5. Scented sticks

The machine cost of producing scented agarbattis is Rs.4 Lakhs and yields a profit of Rs.10 per kilogram. You can produce about 100kgs of agarbattis in just 10 hours.

6. Packaged drinking water

These are highly demanded due to the growing hygiene issues, especially in residential areas. There are packages of different sizes such as half litres, 1 litre or cans ranging from 10 or 20 litres.

7. Cell phone cases

The increase in the use of cell phones has led to an increase in the use of cell phone covers which protects them from being scraped or smashed. A phone case can be manufactured at a cost of Rs.30 and is sold for anywhere near Rs 150 to Rs 300.

8. Towels

Towels are a necessity, both at homes and hotels or even lodges. The cost of producing depends upon the way of production and type of raw material used. Mostly, it comes under the category of small scale business and the entire set-up ranges between Rs.5 to 7 lakhs.

9. Ball pens

Being one of the best small scale businesses under Rs.10 lakhs, it requires very little investment and the produced quantity is very large in size. The design, appearance and good quality ink help in building good brand image and goodwill.

10. Fireworks

Firecrackers are demanded especially during festivals and marriage seasons. The raw materials required to manufacture these firecrackers are very cheap and the sellers sell these at a very good margin of profit.

Starting a business is not always about ideas, it is about making the ideas happen. Many of us want to become entrepreneurs and start our own business, but the demand for huge investment pulls us back. Thus, it is not always feasible for everyone to invest such huge amounts. So, to all those who are unable to take a step ahead due to financial adversities, pick your best bet from these 10 ideas and get going!

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