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Top 10 Small Business Ideas With Just Rs 20,000 Investment

| Published on February 1, 2020

Wondering how to do something different and interesting in life aside from your corporate job? Thinking how to utilize those savings in your bank account and start a Business?

Well, every entrepreneur starts small and dreams to go somewhere big, not missing out on an opportunity to delve into the business world. Even if you have 20,000 in your pocket, these business ideas can take you places. Let’s show you how:

1) Solve it with gifts

This business idea never loses its shine. Not only can you manufacture anything and everything but it also works as a convenient part-time job. You can start at home or via online orders, meet new customers and use word of mouth marketing.

2) Market on Social


Launch your own social media marketing business, which can especially win if you price it right. Be aware of various social media platforms available, the current trends and the SEO technology.

3) Master in Bakery Business

business ideas

Have your own at-home bakery where you will need initial investment for equipment and inputs. The best part about baking is that it keeps bringing in the money without any recession seasons.

4) Embroider your way through

A needle embroidery business is an essential and blooming part of the fashion industry. You could tie-up with designers, make some exclusive pieces and sell on online platforms.

5) Pop-it up

business ideas 2020

If you don’t want to stick to one genre of business and want to explore, launch pop-up shows in art festivals, exhibitions, and fests. Ranging from stationery, shoes, toys, skin-care and clothing, you could pile it all up.

6) Care for pets

If you enjoy dressing up your pet dog or know what your cat loves to eat, launch your own mini-pet store for accessories and food. Your costs would be rent and licensing costs, after which, it depends on your locality and convincing skills.

7) Use that clay

business ideas in india

Pottery is a beautiful artform that can be done over weekends or overnight. Not only does it bring peace of mind but is also used for many purposes, be it festivals, home décor or gifting.

8) Cook a good day

Catering businesses usually don’t require a high initial investment, especially if you start out close to home. Purchase the right tiffin, make bulk batches and deliver efficiently, only to see the crowd love your food.

9) Keep it shiny

Own a jewellery shop that would sell everything from customizable options to vintage pieces. However, artificial jewellery is the trend these days and is inexpensive, allowing you to manage with a small budget.

10) Craft it innovatively

Paper Mache craft is a rare form of making items via pulped paper and glue. You can make items like flowers, crockery, lamps, etc. for selling at stores or stalls.

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