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Top 10 Rising Indian Start-Up companies in 2020

| Published on September 23, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a year full of tension and struggle. With operations being halted and lockdowns being imposed, the state of unrest has now, finally become a normal. Work from home and online meetings have become the norm and companies are now looking to prolifer with new strategies in place.

The year is now ending, and in spite of an economic slowdown, few Indian companies are slowly rising to the top. The list of companies largely including those based in E-learning, here’s a list of the top 10 companies that are achieving milestones even during these terse times.

1) upGrad

This company which works out of Mumbai and was founded in 2015, is based on E-learning. With all universities adopting an online mode of curriculum and strategic partnerships with colleges since they promote courses which enhance skill set, this company is doing wonders for itself. The e-learning boom is at its peak with everyone joining online classes across a diverse range of subjects. Be it culinary or Business Analytics.

2) Cred

Based in the field of Information Technology and Services and a second venture of the owner of Freecharge, Cred is a company which rewards you for any credit card bill payments that you make. It targets the affluent segment of society and has become one of the most successful start-ups to come out of this pandemic in India.

3) Unschool

Another company based in the field of E-learning, Unschool operates out of Hyderabad and was founded only last year. The company developed a huge workforce via interns during the pandemic which also was essentially their target audience. This led to their capitalisation of the e-learning boom in current times owing to which their paid subscription memberships went up 10 fold.

4) Zigram

This startup which builds and managed data assets of companies essentially portrays the skillset of being predictable, reliable and authentic in a high unpredictable world. Its largest job functions include that of research and development and it works in areas related to digital transformations, risk management and an enhanced data asset management.

5) Razorpay

With rising digitization in the pandemic and everyone relying on a no-touch system of cash transfer, online payment methods are being used to a large extent. Of these, Razorpay has been able to come atop with their services and have launched new features to match the demand of small businesses, freelancers and end consumers.

6) Unacademy

This start-up which helps students prepare for competitive exams has become one of the top grossing companies in the field. With heavy promotions via youtube and killer millennial incentives and advertising, Unacademy diversified its offerings to cater to all possible needs of students. The company is now eyeing new segments to diversify into, those of K-12 subscription for school students, judiciary and law.

7) Whatfix

Software as a service or SaaS, the base of Whatfix, provides in-app guidance and performance support for web applications and software products. The company raised $32 million in its Series C funding and sees a huge scope with and more and more businesses going online.

8) Yellow Messenger

This start-up company offers power conversational automation across platforms such as Whatsapp and Google Assistant. Based out of Bengaluru, Yellow Messenger sees an ever-expanding list of clients in current times to the likes of Accenture and Spencer’s. It is particularly useful for businesses which are now going direct-to-consumer and eliminating all sort of middlemen.

9) Urban Company

Famously known for providing customised, home-based grooming, repair and maintenance services, this company has become a boon with everyone stuck at home. The company’s recent advertising and brand messaging has seen a lot of empathy towards the pandemic and has been providing services in during the lockdown in the most woke manner. It’s safe to say that the company has quickly risen to the top during the pandemic.

10) Pee Safe

A company based in the health, hygiene and fitness segment, Pee Safe has brought about a swirl of change with its innovative product offerings, particularly for females. With the onset of the pandemic, the company has been constantly evolving and catering to current sanitisation and protocols and has easily made itself in the list of the top 10 companies to have risen in 2020.

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