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Top 10 Richest NRIs Of 2020

| Published on November 4, 2020

Every year, the IIFL Wealth Hurun committee releases a list of wealthy influencers and businessmen in the world. For a long time, the Hinduja brothers have made it to the top of the NRI (Non-Resident Indians) every year. Let us take a look at the richest NRIs existent in 2020.

Hinduja Brothers

The Hinduja Brothers rank at the first place with a wealth of Rs. 1,43,700 crores having properties in Mumbai, Geneva and London. Despite having a personal dispute between the brothers, they still have a collected wealth of around $12.8 billion.

Shapoor Pallonji Mistry

Shapoor Pallonji Mistry is the second richest Indian NRI to exist in 2020. His company has its headquarters in Mumbai. The company’s operations are also handled through Monaco. Both father and son manage the company’s operations remotely.

Jay Chaudhury

Jay Chaudhary has a wealth of Rs. 65,800 crores and is the owner of his company Zscaler. He ranks third on the list, and has made his profits made possible thanks to his wife.

Laxmi Mittal

Lakshmi N Mittal | ArcelorMittal

Laxmi Mittal has been a keyfigure and a repeated name in the Richest NRI list for a while now. This year, he ranks on the 4th place. He currently resides in London and is the owner of his company, ArcelorMittal.

Yussuff Ali MA

Yussuff Ali owns the big Lulu Group International, with a wealth of Rs. 4,20,000 crore. He is currently residing in Dubai.

Vinod Shantilal Adani

Vinod Shantilal Shah Adani - Indian Power List 2019 -

Vinod Adani is known as a popular ‘Trade Tycoon’ owning the company called Adani. He has a total wealth of Rs. 4,20,000 crores and currently resides in Abu Dhabi.

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal and family need no introduction. They are the owners of Vedanta Resources, with a wealth of Rs. 32,500 crores.

Sri Prakash Lohia

Indorama Corporations is owned by Sri Prakash Lohia, an Indian born Indonisian businessman. He has a net worth of Rs. 28,000 crores.

Sunny Varkey

Sunny Varkey - Richest Indians in the UAE 2018 -

Sunny Varkeny owns Gems Education in Dubai. With a net worth of Rs. 22,400 crores, he is also a known philanthropist and humanitarian.

Mukesh Jagtiani

Landmark Groups is proudly owned by Mr. Mukesh Jagtiani, with a wealth of Rs. 21,200 crores. He is currently residing in Dubai.

Source: GQ India

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