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Top 10 Resume Secrets That Will Help you Crack A Job

| Published on August 19, 2019

Want to apply for an internship or a job? Is your resume ready? But is your resume ready enough to impress your interviewer? Or is it ready enough to apply for the most competitive job or position?

Recruiters around the world make sure that they recruit the best of the best. To stand out, your first priority must be to keep your application materials error-free. You cannot afford to make mistakes in your resume – a document that represents you in front of the interviewer.

So, here are few resume secrets from two Google hiring experts which will make your resume stand out:

1. Keep it precise

Make sure that your description of your job experience is concise. When it comes to showing off your skills, do not fear to jot them all.

2. One or Two Pages

Keep your resume limited to one or two pages and include only relevant information.

3. Action-Oriented Language

Verbs such as “negotiated”, “developed”, “managed”, “led”, should be used as it makes your resume strong.

4. Know your job

Go through the job description given and write the resume specifically for that job description only – pointing it to the duties and requirements.

5. Data & Examples

Make sure you highlight your accomplishments in current and past positions with data and examples that support them.

6. PDF Format

Try getting the PDF versions of your resume and send that version to the prospective employers and not in any other software formats.

7. Clean, Simple, and Consistent

Keep your resume simple and your formatting clean and organized. Align columns and have consistent fonts, size, and spacing.

8. Free of Grammatical Errors

According to a survey, 58 percent of resumes have typos. Avoid grammatical errors, incorrect alignment, and similar other mistakes. Otherwise, the manager would be forced to think you do not pay attention to details.

9. Pointers

Use Bullets to point your document. This makes the resume more interesting for the reader.

10. Results & Impact

Accomplishments are to be presented in these terms:

“Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]”

In simple words, start with an active verb, numerically measure what you accomplished, provide a baseline for comparison, and detail what you did to achieve your goal.

For example:

Instead of:

Achieved annual business plan commitments for volumes, model mix, wholesale revenue, selling expenses and brand

Better Form:

As a team member, contributed to 21% increase in advertiser spend by achieving 158% of target number of customer contacts (80 contacts per week) and 192% of target interaction depth (20 minutes per customer).

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