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Top 10 Most Profitable Companies In The World 2018

| Published on November 9, 2018

One thing that most of the modern startups aren’t doing right is focussing on the profits. In this user-oriented market, it is beneficial to have a large audience but what matters, in the end, is the profit you make not the amount of business you do. There are many ways in which we list companies such as best companies based on the quality of products they sell or the number of employees they have and today we are going to talk about international companies which earned the highest profits in the past one year.

1. Apple: $48.3 billion


Apple is not only the most valuable company in the world right now according to market capitalization, but is also tops the list of most profitable companies. With annual profits of $48.3 billion, Apple looks promising to retain its position in the coming years also.

2. Berkshire Hathaway: $44.9 billion


Interestingly, Berkshire Hathaway doesn’t sell any products or services but holds stakes in other profit-making companies including Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, Mastercard, Walmart. Led by Warren Buffett, Paytm recently the first Indian company to receive funding from Berkshire.

3. Verizon: $30.1 billion

Telecommunication giant Verizon made $30.1 billion profit last year and the main source of income comes from its 147 million mobile customers.

4. AT&T: $29.4 billion

Another telecommunication company in the list as AT & T managed to make over $29 billion last year. Interestingly, AT&T was split into several smaller companies in 1984 with Verizon being one of them.

5. JP Morgan Chase: $24.4 billion

JP Morgan is considered as the largest bank in the US and 6th largest in the whole world. With an annual profit of $24.4 billion last year, it is the most profitable bank worldwide.

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6. Comcast: $22.7 billion

Comcast is the 3rd telecommunications company in this list as it generated profits of $22.7 billion last year. Also, Comcast is the largest cable TV company and the largest home Internet service provider in the US.

7. Wells Fargo: $22.1 billion

After JP Morgan, Wells is the 2nd most valuable bank in the world in terms of market capitalization, and the 4th largest in the US in terms of assets.

8. Pfizer: $21.3 billion

The only Pharmaceutical company in this list- Pfizer made $21.3 billion profit last year.

9. Microsoft: $21.2 billion


Comparing with its past record, last year for Microsoft was amazing as it went past Google-parent Alphabet in terms of market capitalization, and then going past Amazon to become the second most valuable company in the world. This was due to the $21.2 billion profit the company earned.

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10. Exxon Mobil: $19.7 billion

The world is focusing on renewable sources of energy, still, Exxon Mobil has managed to make a place in this list being the only one from the oil and gas industry.

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