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Top 10 Popular Bikes That Failed Badly Recently

| Published on August 16, 2019

Bikes have been an obsession for a large section of youth since the remote past. It is an emotion for a bike-lover. And thus, manufacturers of these bikes make sure that their customers are well impressed with their latest design cues, advanced technology, and cutting-edge features.

But well, every day is not a happy day and every time things don’t flow the way you want them to. There are times when the hard work, dedication, and research of these manufacturers fail. Some bikes bring revolution to the field whereas some come and go and do not make any impact.

So here’s a list of a few bikes that failed to attract the customers as they should have been.

1. Royal Enfield Machismo

Royal Enfield, the brand which has never failed to stun the Indian customers with its productions.

But, Royal Enfield Machismo, the bike available with the 346cc and 499cc engine options was an exception. The 346cc engine was capable of churning out a maximum power of 18hp and peak torque of 27.4 Nm while the 499cc engine churned out a power output of 23.6hp and max torque of 40.85 Nm.

2. LML Graptor

LML Graptor, despite having a decent style quotient was unable to make an impact in the market. The bike was available with the 150.8cc engine which delivered a maximum power output of 13.5 hp and peak torque of 12.8Nm.

3. LML Adreno

LML Adreno, manufactured by LML is the next model which was unsuccessful in marking a long-lasting impact. The 109.15cc engine was unable to deliver the desired performance. The maximum power of 8.8hp and peak torque of 8.3Nm did not match the competition.

4. LML Beamer

LML Beamer, another model of LML which could not impress the customers. The 150.8cc engine of the bike was able to deliver a maximum power of 13.5 hp and peak torque of 12.8. The company had to pull off this bike due to the tough competition given by Bajaj Pulsar 150.

5. Kinetic Blaze

Kinetic Blaze was the first scooter which was introduced to lock horns against some of the most prominent bikes of the segment. With a strange design, big engine and chunky body structure, it had an engine displacement of 165cc, this scooter was able to deliver a maximum power output of 11.6hp and peak torque of 12Nm. The dominating bike market suppressed this scooter and thus, it failed to compete.

6. TVS Fiero F2

TVS Fiero F2 aimed to provide a powerful yet efficient ride to the customers. The 150cc engine was able to produce a maximum power output of 12hp and peak torque of 10.5Nm. The simple, subtle styling of the bike failed to attract the attention of the spectators.

7. Hero Achiever

Hero is the leading two-wheeler manufacturer not only in India.

Hero Achiever, with a power output of 13.4hp and peak torque of 12.8N, still the bike did not possess captivating looks which failed to embark an impact or attract the customers.

8. Suzuki GS150R

Suzuki GS150R which was powered by 149cc engine, maximum power of 13.8hp and peak torque of 13.40Nm. The lack of captivating design resulted in reduction in sales number and unsuccessful impact.

9. Hero Karizma 2015

Hero Karizma has been a phenomenal production of Hero. The bike is equipped with a powerful 223cc engine with a maximum power of 19.2hp and a peak torque of 19.3Nm. Despite a significant performance on road and efficient engine of Hero, the Karizma lost its charisma.

10. Mahindra Stallio

Mahindra Stallio was introduced by this Indian manufacturer in order to compete with the leading efficient commuters. The 110cc engine of the bike was capable of delivering a maximum power of 7.0hp while the peak torque rated was 8Nm. The presence of prominent models of Bajaj and Hero caused the removal of this Mahindra model.

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