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Top 10 Most Watched India Ads in 2019

| Published on December 11, 2019

2019 has been a roller coaster ride for the world. Economic, social, cultural and political activities have taken the world by a storm. Recently LinkedIn released its list of most important voices of the nation to talk about the economic and social world and now, YouTube is back with its list of Most watched Ads in 2019, hinting at us what works in the Indian culture.

1) Feel the Good vibes

Samsung’s new initiative to help the deafblind in the world, providing them with a platform to express themselves and connect better with people, the clip is an emotional ride for any viewer.

2) Live the Swag

Crossing 155 million views on YouTube, the catchy Pepsi ad is a hit for its music and dance choreography. Looping in amazing dancers Tiger shroff and Disha Patani was a cherry on the cake.

3) See what you say

Xiaomi came up with MI TV and a creative family ad, bringing back Indian television’s famous onscreen couple on TV, a family fight, a cute kid in the middle and good old music, spicing it up!

4) Feature it right

Oppo F11 pro highlighted its features in a very basic advertisement, covering well-lit pretty streets, clear graphics and crystal-clear pictures. Prettiness defined!

5) Get the knowledge

Google portraying what it does best, helping Indians grow big, helping a shopkeeper make his purchases based on future weather predictions. Google Assistant on the go!

6) The Big life

An all-in-one advertisement, it shows all the brands that the Aditya Birla Group associates itself with, instances with their best features and how they are here for Indians, till the end of the line.

7) The star in mind

One Plus got our very own Ironman, Robert Downey Jr. dancing away, creatively promoting the smooth moves that One Plus brings in with its features. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch Downey dance?

8) The love bottle

Horlicks decided to bring forward the struggle young students go through at Kota, Rajasthan for the years they prepare for IITs and Medical. Far from home, far from family and far from home food. It promoted its new initiative ‘BottleofLove’ where the Horlicks bottle is re-used by parents to send their love to their children, far from home yet close at heart.

9) Vivo it up

Vivo launched S1 while tying up with big brands like HDFC and Jio for offers. The advertisement talks about these offers and the brilliant features of the phone using amazing graphics. Featuring Sara Ali Khan (one of her first few advertisements) and her smile, a cute selfie and a couple date, it is definitely cuteness overload.

10) Magic behind

Kia Motors launched a short clip talking about its amazing design, a little confusing at start and mystical too, causing people to watch it till the end, it showed how Magic is what inspires Kia Motors.

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