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Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Ads In India: November 2019

| Published on December 24, 2019

What is the best and most common way adopted by businessmen to advertise their product? Which advertisement can have a fast and direct impact on the people? Well, YouTube advertisements are your answer.

A track of these advertisements is kept to maintain a check as to which company’s advertisements are the most resonated on YouTube. The rankings are calculated on the basis of viewer engagement which is a combination of number of views and watch time.

Given below is a list of the top 10 advertisements of the leaderboard:

1. Be Unstoppable from Google India

Featuring an Indian athlete Hima Das running on the track, it shows how the Google assistant features gives people various options so that they can run better. The athletes shown are not only professionals but also amateur marathoners. This video is set against the background of ‘Apna Time Ayega’ from the movie Gully Boy.

2. India’s best video experience by Airtel India

This advertisement is very different from the others. It is a black and white video in which this telecom service provider explains the meaning of trust known as bharosa in Hindi. The main motive is to explain that a good network can be identified by the video quality it provides.

3. Man Enough by Gillette India

This advertisement is based on the shaving stereotype where the bond of a father and son is shown displaying emotions in terms of pain and fear. The powerful take on how a man never expresses himself and how they have to control themselves even in life-changing events.

4. Privacy on phone by Apple

It is an advertisement of about 40 seconds where it is shown how important data is stored in the phone by way of text messages, emails, body statistics and how private that information is.

5. Vivo’s first sale

This advertisement shows the new phone which is going to be launched on 28th November at 12 PM by Vivo India Company. It presents an introduction to the phone and all its features are highlighted with great vigour.

6. OnePlus 90hz Fluid Display

Adopting the slogan “Smooth like never before” OnePlus advertises the fast processing powerhouse in the OnePlus 7T series. It uses the concept of a race between two cars along with shots of the phone.

7. Celebration of World Sandwich Day by Subway

This advertisement celebrates the day by giving the offer of buy one get one free on 1st November and tells its customers to help a cause i.e. to give back to communities.

8. The legends of India, Zomato

In this advertisement, the company shows some popular and most demanded dishes which are available on the delivery app. It also discusses the huge discounts available on these dishes.

9. Myntra says #BeUnskippable

A thirty-second-long video shows the wide variety of men’s fashion collection which is available on the portal with the background music of the Bollywood song “baar baar dekho.” It adopts the hashtag #Unskippable.

10. India Oil says Is Diwali pehle Indian phir oil

This advertisement is based on the theme of Diwali. It shows how the motherly love featuring an Indian mother making sweets for his son living away from home.

Advertisements’ have a credible history of connecting to human emotions on a deeper level. It’s nice to see that creativity is only tumbling upwards!

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