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Top 10 Most Viewed Indian Advertisements In October 2019

| Published on November 13, 2019

The advertisement industry is going through a revolution in the 21st century. From simple hoardings, billboards or relying on word of mouth, brands are opting for more specialized targeted marketing tactics.

Specialized ads, specific targets and more streamlined platforms used for advertising is the plan of action. And ofcourse, not to forget social media platforms and influencers.

So, what’s the catch?

YouTube with YouTube ads! Even research admits visuals registers multiple times faster in brains than texts. Plus, YouTube not only allows nationwide ads but also has a provision for regional ads.

Considering the number of views as the major determinant of success, here are a few top advertisements on YouTube in October 2019 by renowned brands, good takeaways for success!

1) One Plus

Robert Downey Jr. was looped in for the never settle advertisement of the brand’s latest launch. From clicking pictures, lots of dancing to a set tour, it has everything aligns with the vibe for YouTube.
Published on – 24-10-2019
Total Likes – 1,82,084

2) Oppo


For its phone Reno2, Bollywood stars Ranbir and Katrina joined hands with music sensation Badshah in a party, having the time of their lives. Lots of fun, cool pictures in dark mode and pretty faces, a win-win combination!
Published on – 01-10-2019
Total Likes – 76,518

3) Vivo

Vivo’s Diwali themed advertisement touched a million hearts. It shows the value of love and friendship over society, caste, and creed. A sweet story of families and kids on the festival of lights, exactly what we want to see!
Published on – 22-10-2019
Total likes – 70,907

4) Samsung


Another mobile phone ad, with a theme of Durga Puja, talking about memories and the good old days. Vaani Kapoor is seen to be reminiscing when immediately Samsung steps in to make her day with stunning festive pictures.
Published On – 17-10-2019
Total likes – 87,842

5) Faces, Canada

An opportunity for Kriti Sanon to keep things simple and elegant, a well-shot and wide-ranged advertisement when all of the Faces Makeup products are shot to highlight the glow and the beauty.
Published on – 29-10-2019
Total likes – 79,871

6) Levi’s


A launch of a basic advertisement where the features of their new jeans is highlighted, they use the concept of movement and dance to show the viewers that ‘stretchable jeans means Levi’s’
Published on – 04-10-2019
Total likes – 26

7) Vodafone


This ad highlights the beautiful relation of a grandmother and grandson that does not change irrespective of the physical distance this Diwali. With a message of ‘Share your heart and not somebody else’s forwards’ – this one stole our hearts!
Published on – 22-10-2019
Total likes – 1,192

8) RealMe

The IT ad which shows how RealMe was brave enough to enter Indian markets and climb the ladder, it is inspiring, hopeful and realistic.

Published on – 19-10-2019
Total likes – 86,736

9) Vivo V17

The famous school Diwali Ad, it shows the bond between a child and a parent. This ad shots a school-going young boy in a selfie but a mother in the crowd when no one was able to click landscape selfies with his Raavan 10-head attire.
Published on – 03-10-2019
Total likes – 53,215

10) Maruti Suzuki

Launching a new car, it highlights the culture and regional diversity of India via the festivals and celebrations. People celebrating in their own little ways to welcome a brand new Maruti Suzuki home is a delightful clip to watch.
Published on –18-10-2019
Total likes – 149

These ads are leading the digital revolution and the takeover via YouTube ads as the best advertisement medium!

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