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Top 10 Most Transformative Companies In The World

| Published on October 6, 2019

The world is changing every day and as it is rightly said, change is the only constant. However, the leaders around us teach us how valuable a little change can be!

Apart from the small changes, it is the transformation of these mighty companies that have made them who they are today. They transform in terms of their leadership, strategies, and planning. The systems change, the products develop, the workforce evolves – everything to explore the new avenues that the new world has to offer.

Here are 10 such companies to inspire and lead the way –

1. Netflix and chill

A company that was actually founded in 1997 as a service platform which delivered DVDs by mail, has now completely changed plans. Netflix is a top streaming platform, earning great revenues and leading as a content provider. Just an FYI, it is after all the seventh largest internet company in terms of revenue.

2. Adobe it away

Headquartered in San Jose, Adobe has adopted to changing trends correctly. It has shifted from packaged software to providing cloud-based solutions to increase convenience while also shifting from core creative software to digital, marketing and analytics platform services.

3. Cloud on air

A smart idea, Amazon launched Amazon Web Services to save costs on infrastructure and earn profits. Along with that, its online e-commerce platform evolved overtime, increasing sales and revenue via its Prime Membership and launching Amazon Prime, a streaming platform competing with the likes of Netflix.

4. Tencent Winning Big

Founded in 1998, Tencent was an online messaging and video gaming platform. However, over time it has built its presence in other sectors like entertainment, fin-tech and cloud computing.

5. The Ultimate Leader

A company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft is a name we have all grown up with. However, over time they have diversified into not only as a product seller and licenser but also a leader in the Cloud SaaS model.

6. Innovating It Right

Jack Ma and his successful brainchild, Alibaba has been an inspiration for many. It has conquered sectors of e-commerce and retail in its initial days but now it is also recreated itself to dominate the technology world.

7. Winding On Work

A power company making it big, Orsted was earlier an Oil and Gas business which later proved itself by providing an IPO in 2016 as the largest offshore wind farm company in the entire world.

8. Supporting A Cause

Companies that support a cause and find the right opportunity to explore, always do well. Intuit worked itself up the ladder to become a provider of financial services for SME’s, launching leading apps and softwares like QuickBooks, ProConnect, and Lacerte.

9. Moving Ahead of The ‘Old’

Initially working as an insurance company, Ping An has many subsidiaries that work in domains like insurance, financial services, and banking. However, now it has worked to enter the trending domains like Fintech and AI-based diagnostics and medical imaging, a complete horizontal diversification.

10. Going the Digital Way

Live from Singapore, DBS started as The Development Bank of Singapore Limited providing traditional regional basic banking solutions. However now, it has used the digital way to transform as a global digital platform company, being crowned as the ‘Best Bank in the world’ in 2018.

These are a few companies that have adapted to the changing times, gained infinite success and faith of the people due to their efforts. In addition, these are the companies that never gave up, kept learning and kept inspiring.

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