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Top 10 Most Selling Biscuit Brands In India 2019

| Published on April 1, 2019

“Chai-lover”, we all have heard of this term, a million times. And, yes, it is true that Indians are tea-lovers. Whether it be a gloomy Monday morning or a chilling winter night, what Indians need to rejuvenate themselves is Tea. Tea is the ultimate solution to everything.
In this article, we shall tell you about the Top 10 Biscuit brands and you may choose as many of them to enjoy your peaceful time with tea.

1. Britannia Biscuits

Since childhood, we have been munching those tasty Marie biscuits which have a tint of British taste. Started in 1892, Britannia as built its way to becoming the highest seller and most popular biscuit brands. Good day cookies are also from Britannia can be found in around 50% of the Indian households due to its taste and unique smiley designed cookies.

Britannia Good Day

2. Parle Biscuits

Rated as the too biscuits in the nation, Parle started its journey in 1929. Popular among all the age groups due to its diverse tastes and flavors. Parle Biscuits is also a top trending brand. The best product of this brand is Parle-G, which have been reigning hearts since eternity.

Biscuit brands in india

3. Anmol Biscuits

As the tagline says “The Right Bite”, Anmol biscuits have been residing in the hearts of the consumers since 1994. Famous for its handmade chocolate flavored, dry nut cookies, and vanilla flavored biscuits

Top 10 Most Selling Biscuit Brands In India 2019
Anmol Bakers Brix

4. Sunfeast Biscuits

Sunfeast biscuits can be found in every Indian household. Popular and dearly loved by all Indians because of its diverse tastes and kinds. Sunfeast have oatmeal biscuits, digestive biscuits, cookies, etc. You name them, and Sunfeast have them. Sunfeast Biscuits is the heritage brand in India.

Top 10 Most Selling Biscuit Brands In India 2019
Sunfeast Mom’s Magic

5. Unibic Biscuits

Unibic is an Australian company with an Indian Counterpart reigning the hearts. It makes delicious chocolate flavored , choco-chips, dry nuts and vanilla flavored biscuits with unique taste and scent. The biscuits are crispy and healthy. They also produce handmade cookies.

6. Cremica Biscuits

After manufacturing for almost three decades, Cremica has won hearts of all age groups through it’s healthy biscuits. So, a person who would love to stay healthy and fit, will surely opt for Cremica biscuits. The crunchy and tasty biscuits will bring freshness to one’s life.

Top 10 Most Selling Biscuit Brands In India 2019

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7. Priya Gold Biscuits

Priya Gold biscuits have a variety of biscuits keeping in mind the various taste buds of the Indian audience. They have sweet, salty and cream biscuits which is enjoyed by all the age groups from youngsters to old people. You can grab a packet of Priya Gold biscuits and enjoy your bus or train journey.

Top 10 Most Selling Biscuit Brands In India 2019
Priya Gold Biscuits

8. Mc Vities Biscuits

Mc Vities biscuits are formed by the collaboration of Unity and an Indian counterpart. They make whole wheat biscuits for people dealing with weight issues. Their unique taste make people grab for more and are favorite among many.

Top 10 Most Selling Biscuit Brands In India 2019
Mc Vities Digestive

9. Patanjali Biscuits

“Prakrati ka Aashirwaad” which mean Boon to Nature is an apt tagline for Patanjali biscuits. Patanjali biscuits have come to the market, not long before but have redesigned the Indian heart with it’s products and taste. Patanjali biscuits are referred by nutritionists and doctors because of its trans-fat content.

10. Dukes Biscuits

Popular for reigning hearts of the younger ones, because the biscuits are creamy and delicious. They produce in various flavors like chocolates and vanilla. Dukes biscuits are of international quality and can easily compete with any international biscuit brand.

Top 10 Most Selling Biscuit Brands In India 2019
Dukes Cream for Fun

So, why waste more time? Go and grab your favorite biscuits from stores or online sites and enjoy a nice time with your friends and family along with some ginger-cardamom tea.

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