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Top 10 Most Popular Toffee Brands In India

| Published on April 9, 2020

Savouring candies is a pleasure unexplainable in words. The hard-boiled candies of the confectionery segment have always been popular, especially with kids and those who visit the ‘tapri’ (road side smoking joints with vendors selling cigarettes) who depend on these candies as a mouth fresheners.

Here is the list of most popular Indian candy brands from different companies and you can choose your favourite from the below wide range of lollypop, toffee and candy available in all Indian states.

Some of the most popular candies from 90s are Rola Cola, Kismi bar, Swad, Hajmola, Mango mood, Fatafat, Satmola, Chatmola and Parle Poppins.

1. Parle Melody


Melody by Parle has a chocolate filling within and is a very popular toffee brand in India since 1983 with its famous tagline “Melody, itni chocolatey kyun hain?” “Melody Khao Khud Jaan Jao”

2. Pulse by DS Group

The latest craze in the market is the Pass Pass Pulse candy. Pulse is manufactured by Noida-based DS Group, launched in 2015 with Kachcha Aam flavour and now available Guava, Orange, Pineapple and Litchi flavours in India. The hard-boiled candy is filled with tangy salt and some Indian spices like Amchoor inside.

3. Alpenliebe – Perfetti Van Melle

Alpenliebe confectionery is the popular brand of candies and lollipops by Perfetti Van Melle. Alpenliebe is a candy full of crème which goes in the mouth and makes creamy. Perfetti Van Melle is one of the top five largest confectionery manufacturers in the world by volume with brands such as Big Babol, Chupa Chups and Mentos.

4. Eclairs by Cadbury

Cadbury Éclairs Chocolate is a popular toffee with smooth centre of Cadbury milk chocolate, encased in deliciously chewy, golden caramel. In India currently manufactured by Cadbury and known as Dairy Milk Eclairs which are available in bags or rolls in India.

5. Kismi by Parle

Kismi Toffee and bar is an iconic brand of Parle group, now also available in exciting new flavours of Kulfi, Rajbhog, Rosemilk, Meetha Paan and Elaichi. Parle kismi is a small packed delicious toffee for children and its taste blended with caramel.

6. Candyman by ITC

Owned by ITC, Candyman candy has a variety of toffee variants famous for innovation and unique taste which offers range of confectioneries such as Mango Delite, Orange Josh and Pineapple Punch, entered into the coffee toffee segment with Candyman Cofitino. ITC further launched layered candy in India with mango and pineapple flavours that tingles the taste buds with spice and tadka.

7. Mango Bite by Parle

Mango Bite is another most popular confectionery from parle group made with the goodness of real, juicy mangoes. Parle is one of the oldest brands in India with many innovative products and proud owner of many popular candies like Mango Bite, Kaccha Mango Bite and Poppins which fills taste bud with flavor of mango and saltiness

8. Dabur Hajmola Candy

Dabur Hajmola Candy is a zingy, tangy candy that’s fun to have any time of the day. The toffee is available in two different fun-filled flavours, albela aam and chulbuli imli. Hajmola is good for Digestive System also.

9. Pan Pasand by Ravalgaon

Pan Pasand by Ravalgaon is candy from 90s of India is all-time superstar showcases The Robust Flavour Of Sweet ‘pan. The company manufactures confectionery from facilities in Ravalgaon of Nasik. The Ravalgaon timeless products includes Mango Mood and Pan Pasand.

10. Coffy Bite by Lotte

Coffy Bite is a very popular brand of lotte India confectionery, the parent company of Lotte India is the Korean Lotte Group. The company is a leading confectionery player in India with history of over 32 years existence using Coffy Bite, Lotte Eclairs and Lotte Choco Pie.

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