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Top 10 Most Popular Mango Drinks in India.

| Published on May 18, 2019

With the scorching heat and unbearable sunrays, we have finally reached the threshold of our bearing capacity. All we need is now some refreshing drinks which are healthy and not at all harmful for our body. In the era of packaged healthy fruit drinks, many companies have gained fame. Long gone are the days, when a fruit juice maker and manual labour was needed to have your fruit drink. In this era, with everything ready instantly, we also have readymade fruit juice.

Mango is the national fruit of India and everyone’s favourite. If it’s summer, then we can find our refrigerators filled with mangoes. In the fast paced life, in the hustle bustle, it is not possible to prepare fruit juice everyday. So, we have packaged mango drinks at our service.

In this article, you will Top 10 Mango Drinks in India and make sure you have them at least once this summer.

 Tropicana


Tropicana was launched as fruit juice brand by PepsiCo India. It was launched in 2004 and since then it has been able to reign the hearts of millions. With no added preservatives and colours, this brand is one of the top and popular brands in India. With great juice quality, amazing taste and flavor and freshness, Tropicana has made to the top of this list.

 Paperboat


Paperboat is one of it’s kind and is entitled to serve the Indian population. It has unique branding and serves raw mango juice as aam panna, best for summer. And, mango juice in the form of aamras. Paperboat has made its identity quite fast in this growing market. It also has unique packaging. The packaging is loved by all.

 Dabur Real

Dabur Real

Dabur Real has been in the fruit juice market since a long time and has been the brand worthy of all praise. It is the most trusted and reliable brand. Over the years, it has maintained it’s great quality and freshness. The fruits used are different, fresh and top the notch, making the taste, lovely. If you are looking for a healthy fruit juice, which won’t leave a hole in the pocket, go for Dabur Real.

 Patanjali


Patanjali has been a favourite in every Indian household since its release. The brand believes in Swadeshi, so you can completely rely on them for great quality. Patanjali has fruit juices which are rich in quality, taste and are healthy. The products are unadulterated and pure and come straight from their horticulture farms. No doubt, Patanjali is paving its own way to success with great products.

 Del Monte

Del Monte

Del Monte products have flooded the market since 1886. They not only produce fruit juices but edible products too. The brand has exuberant range of fruit juices either mixed or individual and are so fresh and tasty that you cannot wait for another one. They have great marketing techniques and packaging, making them different from others. Del Monte use innovative ways to introduce their new products.

 24 Mantra

24 Mantra

If you are a person who loves organic food, then 24 Mantra is the best fit for you. They have organic apple juice, organic orange juice and obviously organic mango juice. The juices are made from fruits which come from organic farms and without any insecticides and pesticides residual effects. They have organic and unique way of packaging with great taste. They have a long list of happy and satisfied customers.

 Ceres


Spread over 84 countries, Ceres has been able to set its market with huge fan following in India too. The fruit juices are gluten free, no added colors or preservatives. They have a huge range of fruit juices to choose from with tasty and flavorsome texture. The brand has products worth the money. It ought to give you some pleasure moment while you sip it.

 Minute Maid

Minute Maid

Manufactured under the brand Coca Cola, it needs no introduction. We all have been addicted to Coca Cola soft drinks, but now the brand has a healthier option in the form of Minute Maid. Minute Maid is amazing in taste and also has fruit pulp. Fruit pulp has fibers and thus the fruit juice amounts to your healthy nutrition. Minute Maid has reigned the hearts of many Indian consumers and is favorite of many.

 B Natural

B Natural

Go by the name and you will understand what the brand offers. It is owned by ITC company. The brand has left no stone unturned to keep it’s products natural, healthy, tasty and fresh. It is packed in six layer tetra pack to retain its freshness and longevity. It has a wide range of products and let the buyers choose from their favorite.

 Safal


Safal is manufactured under the name “Mother Dairy” and since childhood we have been relying upon and drinking Mother Dairy milk. The fruit juices are delicious and tasty. The company is putting effort each day to improve the taste. The have high quality products with affordable price range. The brand has a varied options to choose from and are healthy and trustworthy.

So, did you find your favourite mango juice brand in the list? And, if you haven’t tried any of these juices until now, make sure you try them this summer.

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