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Top 10 Most Popular Headphones Brands In India

| Published on June 12, 2019

Music cleanses our soul and mind. The soothing and calming effect of music heals our soul. Whether we are having a bad day or heading to a party, music is always there to accompany us. Music is the ultimate form of relief.
With great music, one also needs the companionship of great headphones. With distilled sound, amazing quality, headphones enhance our experiences of listening to music. Headphones are easy to use, can easily be plugged in or connected through bluetooth.

In today’s article, we will feature the top 10 most popular headphone brands in India and do look for your favorite one.

1. JBL

JBL Headphones

JBL is one of the most popular brands in India. For the high-end users, the company produces high-end products. The users love the sound quality of the headphones. The price of the headphones range from low to medium to high. The headphones come in various designs and styles.

2. Sony

best Headphones india
Sony Headphones

Headquartered in Tokyo, the company started its journey in 1946. The company aces in making high quality soundproof headphones. The experts at Sony are known for their skills of making high-quality headphones. The headphones are designed with latest designs and features which consumers will love to have.

3. Beats

cheap Headphones india
Beats Headphones

In a very shorter period of time, the company has been able to reign the hearts of people. Beats came into operations in 2008 and is headquartered in California. The company also work as a subsidiary to Apple Inc. The company produces high end products with innovative and unique features.

4. Bose

Top 10 Most Popular Headphones Brands In India
Bose Headphones

Bose came into force in 1964 at Massachusetts, US. The company produces high-end expensive products. It is well known for its high definition sound quality. It is an expensive brand and is known for its amazing devices.

5. Philips

Top 10 Most Popular Headphones Brands In India
Philips Headphones

Established in 1981 is the European brand of Philips. Its headquarter is in Netherlands. Philips is believed to produce high quality products. The headphones are equipped with innovative technology and latest features.

6. Sennheiser

Top 10 Most Popular Headphones Brands In India
Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser is one of the most demanded brands in India. People who love to hear loud music with high base prefer Sennheiser headphones. It is headquartered in Germany and came into force in 1945. The headphones give a mind-boggling experience to the users.

7. Skull Candy

Top 10 Most Popular Headphones Brands In India
Skull Candy Headphones

Skull Candy comes at the 7th position in the list. The brand produces not only personal headphones but also high end studio headphones. The headphones are great to use with latest and unique features. It is headquartered at Utah, in US. The headphones produce good quality music. The company came into operations in 2003. They have a wide range of prices.

8. Panasonic

Top 10 Most Popular Headphones Brands In India
Panasonic Headphones

Falls at the 8th position is the brand Panasonic. It came into force in 1918 and is headquartered in Japan. It is one of the oldest, popular and most demanded brands in India. They not only produce headphones but also televisions, mobile phones etc. The headphones are great in quality with amazing sound quality and appreciable features.

9. Creative

Top 10 Most Popular Headphones Brands In India
Creative Headphones

The brand Creative produces the most affordable headphones. The headphones are latest in style and design and come in different colors. They have wireless headphones to give the users a hassle-free music experience with great sound quality. They are super affordable and a must have.

10. Zebronics

Top 10 Most Popular Headphones Brands In India
Zebronics Headphones

The company came into operations in 1980 and produces soundproof headphones. The headphones are highly equipped and keep in pace with the trend. It has the latest Bluetooth feature and have grown immensely over the years.

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Hence, we have discussed the top 10 headphone brands in India and if you are planning to buy headphones any time soon, refer to the above list and buy according to your requirements.

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