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Top 10 Moments Of SRK From The David Letterman Show

| Published on October 31, 2019

Badshah of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan is one of those few stars that has a crazy fan following worldwide. From the former US President Obama using his iconic dialogue from DDLJ “bade bade desho mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai” to greet India to being friends with Hollywood stars like Akon, Pitbul and Leonardo Di Caprio one can only imagine the lengths of his stardom.

SRK who recently made it to the David Letterman’s show proved it yet again with wit and charm why he is indeed the king of hearts. The upfront personal interview with Letterman was released on Netflix over the weekend where the Bollywood star not only spoke about his journey to fame but also got about his family, kids and how he solves their relationship problems!

Shahrukh khan

Here are the 10 moments from the interview we just can’t get enough of:

1. “Main apni favourite hoon” is inspired by SRK

SRK disclosed during the interview that he was his biggest fan and when people in US asked him of the kind of star he was, he would say that he was the Tom Cruise of Bollywood.

2. Because all he ever wanted was to make his way through our hearts and stay!

In the interview, the Badshah of Bollywood also revealed that once he realised that he wasn’t half as talented as he thought he was, he decided to get into the hearts of people and well he clearly is already here!

3. When SRK spoke about losing his parents, we could only tear up

SRK disclosed the tragic loss of losing his parents early in life and it just broke our hearts!

4. When he shared how he felt dealing with his kid’s relationship problems

Because he’s a dad afterall! SRK in the interview shared how much he hated dealing with kids relationship problems but had to act all cool, nice and understanding!

5. Science student with plans of engineering but acting was it!

With science as his subject, the star had plans to pursue engineering but soon realised it wasn’t his cup of tea and chose to enter Bollywood so he is everything he could not be!

6. The bond between newspapers and SRK

SRK shared with Letterman that his father had told him the past that “the only way you can think you’re educated is if you can read a newspaper and understand every page of it” but 35 years down the line everytime he opens a newspaper he can’t understand a word that’s on it.

7. SRK – The Chef

Khan shared in the interview that he is learning how to cook Italian for his kids and loves to spoil them with their favorite pizza and pasta and satisfy their late-night food cravings.

8. Answer on Point!

When asked about how Indians felt about the US President Trump, SRK wittily said, “All of us back home in India and lots of places, look up to America as the superpower, one of the most developed places, a place to be and its been many years since this has been the superior place to be. And now we are like ok with you. Like you have him as President. Maybe you guys deserve it.”

To which Letterman replied, “Oh, buddy maybe we do!”

9. Shahrukh Khan at his BEST!

During the interview, SRK said that in another 5-6 years maybe Us will have an Indian as their president and the crowd was seen applauding and cheering!

10. The Signature Step

SRK at the end of the interview convinced David to try his signature step and we couldn’t be more awestruck!

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