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Top 10 Marketing Tricks Experts Never Want You To Know

| Published on November 19, 2019

The 21st century is a place for innovation, competition, and consumerism. Every single manufacturer and seller is here to stay, make profits and sell their best.

To do so, especially with the rising norms and competition, there are many hidden tricks and quirks that manufacturers use to get their products out.

To help you identify a few of those, we’re happy to be of service, just as long as you know the truth and don’t spend your money on basically, well-packaged waste –

1) The plastic game

Government’s worldwide are pressing on the disregard for the use of plastics, especially single-use ones in packaging. Yet companies are getting away with their plastic love story. Packaging the small items like a pen-drive or USB chip or sellotape in big and wasteful plastics to garner attention and space in a store is a common sight.

2) Sandwiches that aren’t exactly anything more than bread

You’ll see them on display or on the menu, being called nutritious or looking very well kept. However, the real picture is, these available store sandwiches charge a huge amount just to have a small slice of cheese inside the bread. Cheese is definitely nutritious but trust me, buying a loaf of bread and a cheese slice block will cost you less than the single sandwich.

3) The seats which aren’t seats

 top Marketing Tricks

Flights came up with this concept of standing seats for budget buyers. The catch? You still make a payment for basically nothing. Neither do you get a seat and nor do you occupy any additional space on the flight.

4) The do-it-yourself kits which definitely don’t take a lot of time

Marketing Tricks

Costing you a ton, these kits exist to make you spend time to build something of your own. Or, so you may think. However, the big packaging, external designing doesn’t exactly give the real picture

5) Quantity or Quality or nothing?

For manufacturers who claim their products to be of superior quality and hence charge a lot more for those items such as dry fruits, exotic fruits etc, the quantity is next to nothing. Infact, when compared you will realize, the quality is not that great either.

6) The chocolate affair

Delightful as the packing might seem, the insides are usually in this state – less than 50% of the pack size. Once you open the box there isn’t much you can do anyway.

7) Children’s toys are the easiest to decoy

You are usually more than willing to spend money on and for your kids and trust me, the toy-makers already know it. The box looks fancy, attracts a child’s eyes but then the correlation between what is visible on the outside and what turns up on the inside is not very high

8) The wooden and environment-friendly sham

It is a common perception of how anything remotely environmentally friendly is costlier than the normal product because of its rare availability and high need. This product did the same, but then again, it wasn’t exactly as wooden as it seemed.

9) The infamous construction case

Not only products but services also have tricks in place. Food courts are made with tilted seats as a ploy to have customers vacate quicker than usual and increase sales by accommodating a higher crowd. They might call it to design but we know the real goal.

10)  The final stick in the pudding

Visibly very chocolatey from the front, this is a trick that makes desserts cost more and seem more appealing. A look from the side full of chocolates to woo you, whereas the real deal is hollow – plain vanilla or bread.

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