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Top 10 Industries To Earn Millions in 2020

| Published on December 25, 2019

Small and medium enterprises in India are responsible for a major part of the economy – for about 40% in the exports, employing more than 60 million people. Considering this substantial contribution and the importance of SME’s, it is vital to have more growth opportunities for these enterprises in the future, to sail through the economic slowdown that is causing dread in the entire world.

1) Logistics

Logistics industry is a good opportunity to earn well especially with the rise in e-commerce platforms. You can partner with various e-commerce platforms as a delivery executive, tap into end-to-end delivery and work as a leader in reduced lead time operations. This industry requires a medium level of investment as well.

2) Restaurant

You can opt for fine dining or fast food restaurants because food and the love for food is time immemorial. You can also look for franchises of famous fast-food chains if funding is an issue. This is a good opportunity for you if you have a knack for management and good tastes in interiors and food. Infact, an organic, healthy menu can prove to be the USP in today’s health-first world

3) Trade Contractors

Trade contractors provide human resources for various services like electric, plumbing, construction, etc. Moreover, there is always a need for artisans for something or the other, in existing households atleast, even if new ones aren’t getting built.

4) Operations support

You can also choose to work in multiple types of operational support for business to business enterprises, helping them out in non-core activities like customer support, events, accounting or printing as well.

5) Management consultants

Open a small consulting firm offering various types of consulting to big business houses, be it strategic, financial or human resource-based. This industry is competitive but there is a lot of scope of success due to companies relying more on quality work rather than costs.

6) Retailers

Launch your own specific offline stores, either as a tie-up with various e-commerce platforms that are looking to establish physical stores or your own daily utility store. Ensure to target populated areas and seek locations in places with high consumer demand.

7) Programmers

If you are adept in coding and other specifics of programming, you can offer your services to businesses wanting to develop on new apps or softwares. You can also work part-time with companies and earn stable revenues over a short span of time.

8) Health and wellness

Be a health enthusiast, fitness trainer, gym runner or a prescription delivery service executive to tap into the forever growing pharmaceutical industry. It is better to enter this niche industry so that you can dodge the competition and get more groundwork done.

9) Certified professionals

Join the professional technical industry, which requires long-term development but has a high employment rate as a benefit. Infact, the industry offers more stability as compared to others.

10) Health professionals

You can also combine the above two listed points – health and certified professionals, to gain maximum returns. Dentists and private clinicians are forever in demand, especially with rising income levels in the economy

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