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Top 10 Indian Web Series You Can Binge Watch On YouTube

| Published on May 30, 2020

You must be hooked onto several OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot etc., but did you know that even YouTube has many Indian series available that are apparently originals and can be binge-watched for free? Classic content with a gripping story that is relatable to a certain level as well; who wouldn’t like it?

Here are our top 10 picks from YouTube.

Kota Factory

Created by TVF, this series has only five episodes about a sixteen-year-old boy who is preparing for his IIT exams in the student city of Kota. Watch how he faces the realities of life and shares hard-hitting monologues through his incredible acting in this short web series.

Star Boyz

Star Boyz has six episodes all circling around two South Indian boys/comics, Naveen Richards and Kenny Sebastian. With a low production cost and a lot of comedy, this is ideal to enrich your soul with a good laugh after a long day.

Mom & Co.

How sweet is the story of a mother and son who have separated over the years but finally come close together? Watch this web series with your mom to enjoy every emotion.


This web series has so far had 2 successful seasons as two women come together as roommates and transition into adulthood.

Happily Ever After

Have you ever heard of a perfect wedding? Watch how this couple battle through everything and still manage to live  ahppily ever after.

Little Things

Little Things was originally a YouTube show that is now available on Netflix. It traces the romantic relationship of Dhruv and Kavya and explores the sweet moments a couple shares in their relationship. You can watch the first season on YouTube.

Operation MBBS

Set in a medical college, this web series narrates the lives of three first-year MBBS students. Medical students will definitely relate to this series.

What The Folks

How do husbands and wives live with their in-laws? It is always peaceful or a hint of murky always slide by? Watch What The Folks today to know.

Please Find Attached

Two colleagues and a beautiful journey. This mini-series is all about that and provides a quick respite from your daily struggles.


This show is considered to be one of TVF’s most popular series. It has two seasons with 9 episodes each and shows the struggles of the men and doing normal daily chores and finding jobs.


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