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Top 10 Indian Nutrition Influencers To Follow On Instagram

| Published on January 20, 2023

Check out the top most searched Nutrition Influencers on Instagram.

Surprisingly little about fitness, happiness, and health is known and comprehended by the general public. Despite the fact that this is how the word “fitness” is usually used in India, regular exercise only makes up a maximum of 20% of overall fitness.

Exercise is recommended to stay in shape, but the food is equally important, if not greater. Therefore, the proverb “you are what you eat” is true. Globally prevalent unhealthy symptoms have raised stress levels, which have impacted both our bodily and emotional health. Some of us routinely engage in excessive gimmicks or crash diets to improve our health and physique, which ultimately have the opposite impact.

But when comes to nutrition, fitness, and health, there is a tonne of contradicting information accessible. Until they aren’t, carbohydrates are bad for you. The diet may contain too much protein. Fats are a necessary component of a healthy diet; they are not harmful. Contrary to common opinion, certain combinations of meals are better for you than others.

This is why it’s best to see a nutritionist for guidance that is tailored just for you. Nevertheless, if that isn’t possible, here’s a list of top go-to nutritionists who you can rely on to cut through the clutter and provide you with the information you need.

The top 10 Indian Instagram nutrition influencers are shown below:

Rujuta Diwekar (@Rujuta.Diwekar) – 1.3M Followers

There’s a strong possibility that you’re one of Rujuta Diwekar’s 1.3 million Instagram followers by now if you’re interested in healthy living. Instead of adopting a restrictive Western definition of what makes a nutritious diet and proper nutrition, Diwekar pulls on her considerable knowledge of Yoga or meditation, seasonal and locally sourced foods, and foods to encourage a more balanced lifestyle based on traditional wisdom.

Short-form content is what this Indian dietitian on Instagram specializes in, but she’s also open to watching long, in-depth videos that explain a subject in more detail, whether they’re exhaustive A-Z guides on different facets of healthy living or, for instance, 30-minute crash course on understanding cholesterol. It’s a development of her methodical, long-term strategy for investing in your wellness. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and she thinks you can get immunity by taking a vitamin C tablet.

Pooja Makhija (@Poojamakhija) – 335K Followers

People can learn a lot about leading a healthier lifestyle from Pooja Makhija’s Instagram feed in only 60 seconds because she has mastered the skill of the Instagram reel. Why do seeds reincarnate? How can you improve your memory? Can microwaves cause cancer? How can you achieve thicker, more glossy hair? What additional calcium-rich foods should you eat besides dairy? It’s all addressed by this influential Indian nutritionist. She makes quick meals like protein spaghetti, fish with paprika, and low-carb pizzas, and she serves everything to you on a silver platter.

Pooja has worked with over 10,000 clients, such as Entrepreneurs, professionals, housewives, Bollywood stars, CEO, and sports, among others. She is a clinical nutritionist and consultant nutritionist.

Yuvraj Bhavnagar (@Yuvrajbhavnagar) – 480K Followers

One of India’s most well-known dietary influencers on Instagram is Yuvraj, a fitness advisor. More than 480K people follow him on Instagram.

If you want to maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, you must follow his example. On his page, Yuvraj may be found talking about significant issues including obesity, being underweighted, the negative impacts of poor nutrition, the long-term implications of consuming fast food, and more.

Kripa Jalan (@kripajalan) – 15.9K Followers

Jalan, who established Burgers to Beasts and has an MPH (Master of Public Health) in Diet from Harvard University, is not your ordinary nutritionist. Her brief Instagram observations span subjects like five potential causes of bloating, foods that can increase stamina, and what you should do if you overate the weekend.

The philosophy of consuming, dieting, and bingeing are topics that she is particularly interested in. Beyond individualized nutrition counseling, her business provides distinctive programs like the “Undies Program,” which teaches you to grow out of bad eating habits and begin to repair your connection with food. Her business is built on five fundamental health pillars: efficient exercise, a nourishing diet, appropriate water, sufficient rest, and holistic well-being.

Ryan Fernando (@Ryan_nutrition_coach) – 97.4K Followers

Ryan Fernando is a well-known sports nutritionist who has an endless list of A-list athletes and celebrities associated with himself as well as an immeasurable number of honors to his credit. He built a network of clinics called Qua Nutrition, which is dedicated to more than 50 qualified dieticians, to provide everyone with scientifically designed meals.

Ryan has presented more than a thousand lectures on fitness and sports diet at various forums over the last ten years. Ryan is in command of the state-of-the-art program that QUA NUTRITION employs to offer customized nutrition advice to clients from all kinds of backgrounds. In addition to being a prominent IIM-A alumnus, One of the most popular Indian dietitians on Instagram is Ryan.

Laveen Kaur (@Dt.Lavleen) – 61.3K Followers

Young Indian dietitian Lavleen Kaur gained fame for starting the nutrition clinic Diet Awareness, which offers advice on eating correctly.

She has the distinction of “Most Promising Youngest Dietician in North India” for her expertise in developing customized nutrition plans for her clients.

She supports the premise that by treating food holistically, one may enhance the overall therapeutic benefits of each food group by adopting specific recipes and meal combinations. She is successfully supporting people all around the world in conquering health issues including diabetes, overweight, PCOS, and other contemporary lifestyle concerns with the “DietInsight” app, which aims to offer practical guidance on meals intended for specific health conditions.

Anjali Mukherjee (@Anjalimukherjee) – 38.6K Followers

Anjali Mukherjee started the healthcare start-up Health Total in 1997.

She began her clinical practice in 1984 and served as the Miss India pageant’s “official nutritionist” for eight years. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in applied nutrition and catering technology from Mumbai’s Institute of Hotel Management.

She has received several awards for her significant contributions to the nutrition sector and is a Licensed Functional Medicine practitioner and alumna of the American Academy of Nutrition. She is a well-known nutritionist in India and ranks among the best Instagram accounts to follow for nutrition-related content.

Her staff is a specialist in designing food plans that thoughtfully address conditions including obesity, diabetes, digestive issues, PCOS, and hypertension.

Minacshi (@Nutritionist.Minacshi) – 22.7K Followers

The account name @nutritionistminacshi indicates that the user is a dietitian by profession. She has more than 22.7k Instagram followers and a blog full of healthy advice. If you wish to include kindness in your daily diet, you can follow her page. We like the innovative ways in which she educates her audience about the benefits of eating organic.

She is also an expert in food and menus, so you may ask her for guidance if you need it! What happens when we don’t get enough sleep is a common topic of conversation for all of these Indian nutritional influencer on Instagram. She makes it very obvious what you should be eating as well as which nutrients are necessary for a healthy physique.

Ajinkya Ghan (@Healthonly_nutrition) – 22.4K Followers

Another crucial Instagram profile to follow in India for nutritional and health advice is Ajinkya Ghan, with more than 22.4K followers. His approach is uncomplicated: Choose, measure, and eat. This Indian nutritional influencer is ready to help if you need guidance with your diet plan. You may find multiple postings on his Instagram profile that describe the nutritional value of several veggies, including lotus stem, beetroot, jackfruit, tomatoes, and much more.

The writings also go into great length on the benefits of each product and dish. You do, therefore, get more than one reason to follow him. If you heed his expert counsel, you might as well be your own nutritionist.

Roshni Sanghvi (@Roshnisanghvi) – 17.3K Followers

A rising celebrity in the wellness and health sector, Roshni Sanghvi has employed vegan diets to achieve amazing results. Her increased fitness serves as an example of the persistence and commitment needed to shed more pounds. Due to her own struggles with being overweight, she is aware of the needs of her clients and how to help them make lifestyle changes for greater health.

In her low-fat or fat diet plans, Roshni promotes vegetarianism and is an animal welfare supporter. She enjoys including vegan food and exercises in her weight loss goals. She is a trained fitness teacher. She and her staff of experts treat every client with the utmost respect in order to help people become their best personalities.


Indians place a lot of importance on their general health, which is why many of them follow well-known fitness and health influencers. Because these influencers are real authorities in their field, their audience places a high value on their advice.

We’ve included a list of the top health influencers above, whose areas of expertise range from yoga, nutrition, and bodybuilding to health advice and information. They also use different social media platforms; some use Instagram, while others use YouTube to reach their audience.

We hope you were able to identify an influencer to use in your upcoming marketing campaign or to follow. Visit Marketing Mind for more details about influencer marketing in India.

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