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Top 10 Indian Cities Where People Use Wifi The Most

| Published on September 3, 2019

The use of Internet has grown exponentially in past few years. Every business is transforming online as customers these days are preferring e-commerce platforms to buy products. A survey of major Indian cities by analytics firm Open Signal shows the top cities where Indians spend the most time connected to a Wifi source.


According to the report, it is mainly students who use Wifi the most because of universities providing the service. Take a look at the top ten cities using Wi-fi the most in India:

Hyderabad: 25.4%

Mumbai: 21.6%

Bengaluru: 19.9%

Delhi: 18%

Chennai: 16.8%

Pune: 15.9%


Ahmedabad: 10.4%

Jaipur: 9.3%

Kanpur: 7.3%

This percentage is based on the share of use time of Internet for which a device is connected to wifi.

Source: Statista

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