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Top 10 Indian Ad Campaigns Of July 2021

| Published on August 11, 2021

India has been feeling proud of all the athletes who represented the country in the Tokyo Olympic 2020. While the closing ceremony was recently held, it has become the most talked-about Olympics season of all time.

Mainly because it was held after the world fought the deadly pandemic and people had so much to look forward to.

To make the most of it, many brands in the country made campaigns on the theme of the Olympics but only some received attention from the viewers.

Here are the top 10 ad campaigns of July 2021 as published by Clutter Cutters.

10. Tata Business Cycle Fund #KhudPeVishwas

Tata Business Cycle Fund is all about encouraging people to invest in prospective sectors and stocks for better returns.

10. Skype India #HideAndSeek #Make Time

Skype‘s ad campaign has a sweet message for all. In today’s hectic life, people often forget to give time to the people who matter the most. This ad campaign is educating people to make the most of the opportunity and take time out of our busy schedules for our loved ones without compromising on their work.

9. Pyaar Ki Paathshala | Dil Filmy Toh Suno Filmy | Spotify India

Pyaar ki pathshala campaign is here to tell us that from students to teachers, there is something for everyone on Spotify.

9. Rent@Click : A classic love story – Part 1

No matter what generation you belong to, with ICICI‘s new Rent@Click feature, paying and collecting rent has become easier than ever.

8. Show your support with a 💜 #HeartTheHate

This ad by Cadbury is surely very moving as it talks about the online trolling that has become very common today. By posting a purple heart above the hate comments, Cadbury wants us all to join in on the fight against social media bullying.

7. BYJU’S Presents #HonourTheirSacrifice | Our Tribute To All Parents

BYJU’s ad campaign is a tribute to all the parents who have sacrificed their dream to build a life for their children.

7. Domino’s ke saath #HaathBadhaoIndia #VaccineLagaoIndia

Taking a look back at all the struggles we faced as a country during the pandemic, Domino’s is here to tell us that we can fight it through once again by getting vaccinated together.

6. KFC – Double Down Burger

KFC‘s Double Down Burger is for all those chicken lovers who are tired to search for chicken in their meal.

5. Tata Tea Premium | Kadak Mumbai Ke Liye Kadak Chai – Film

The Kadak taste of Tata Tea Premium is an ode to the Kadak people of Mumbai. The ones who dream big and have a big heart.

4. Dekho Maine Kya Kiya

Live your life to the fullest and give shape to your inner desires is all that Zivame wants to tell its viewers with this fun ad campaign.

3. Crime Master Gogo | DisneyPlusHotstarMultiplex

Featuring the most iconic villain of Indian cinema, Disney+Hotstar Multiplex is here to entertain us all with its latest movies and web series.

3. #RuknaNahiHai – Champions can’t be stopped!

Talking about the struggles our Olympians faced last year when the Olympic 2020 was canceled and the training centers were closed too due to the pandemic, JSW Group highlights their journey to success with this ad campaign.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad with Smart Noise Cancel | Smart Learning Solutions

Learning from home on your laptop can be a struggle at times as the background noise may make it difficult for you to concentrate. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i powered by Intel comes with a Smart Noise Cancelling and more to make the learning experience easier.

1. Little Big Moments by Tanishq

Celebrating the innocence of children and the ‘Big Little Moments’ a parent and a child share, Tanishq‘s latest ad campaign was the most talked-about campaign of July 2021.

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