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Top 10 Highest Earning Indian Bloggers With Their Earning Sources

| Published on May 6, 2019

Over the years, blogging has been highly popularized. It was earlier a hobby for a lot of people, but now it is a passion. Blogging is the new approach of letting your ideas, thoughts and knowledge spread out in the world.

A lot of people around the globe, and in India, quit their white-collared jobs, and invest their time on their blogs. They take time and with great perseverance make their blog a successful one. They also earn through their blogs. This gives them satisfaction and also revenue, which is highly satisfactory. So, let’s check out the top 10 Indian blogs, the bloggers behind them and their income source.

Amit Agarwal-

Logo of Labnol is a tech blog which was started in 2004 by Amit Agarwal. It is an internationally followed Indian blog with solutions and guides to technology related issues. Amit Agarwal is the first professional Indian blogger. He started Labnol with the perspective and aim of spreading the culture of blogging across the country.

The income sources of the blog are from Blog Ads and Ads by Google Adsense.

Deepak Kanakaraju- is one of the four successful blogs run by Deepak Kanakaraju. The blog features articles on digital marketing, startups, making online money and so on. Deepak Kanakaraju is one of the biggest digital marketers. He is also a digital marketing consultant.

The earning of the blogger is through Digital Marketing Mastery program which is highly popular among the bloggers.

Shradha Sharma-

YourStory Logo

For people looking out for ideas for startups and great inspiring and motivational stories, head to Run by Shradha Sharma, it is one of the top blogs for entrepreneurship skills and guide. Her blog is inspiring and worth the esteem. Shradha Sharma is the projection of real power and is a degree-holder in History and also in MBA.

Adsense provides the major part of the earning of the blog.

Harsh Agarwal-

ShoutMeLoud Logo is one of the fastest growing and award-winning Indian blogs. The niche of the blog is based on blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and WordPress. The blog also features articles on online money-making. The blog is followed by a lot of Indian WordPress users. Harsh Agarwal runs the blog as his passion and is an engineer.

Affiliate marketing and paid advertising are the biggest sources of income of the blog.

Amit Bhawani-

Logo of PhoneRadar

If you are a tech-lover and love to buy new phones, is the stop. The blog features articles on smartphones, technology and upcoming and latest phones. This is the blog where all your phone related queries will be solved. Amit Bhawani not only is blogger but also a YouTuber. He is consistent in his work and diligent.

Affiliate sources, brand collaborations, sponsorships and Google Adsense are the major earnings of the blogger and blog.

Arun Prabhudesai-

Logo of

Arun Prabhudesai, an American return, started the blog The blog features India and topics related to online tech, gadgets, startups in India and telecom. Because of the lack of proper guidance and awareness among Indians, made the blogger start his own blog and YouTube page.

The major part of the earning is from Google Adsense.

Pardeep Goyal-

CashOverflow Logo

Right investment is the key to everything. Pradeep Goyal with his blog educates and guides the masses with ideas of money making, investment and banking. The blog is famous for it’s pro tips on passive income and money-saving hacks. Pradeep Goyal is considered as the Biggest finance helper of the nation. He is a finance geek and also a content marketing expert.

The main source of his income are from affiliate marketing, consulting and many more.

Imran Uddin-

All Tech Buzz Logo

Much like PhoneRadar is the by Imran Uddin. Started in 2011, the blog is perfect for getting knowledge on technology, phones, accessories, etc. The blog features all the news related to technology. Imran Uddin is also interested in hacking, web development and programming.

The major chunk of income of the blog is from Direct Ads and Adsense.

Manish Chauhan-

Logo of Jago Investor

In today’s world, it has become very important to learn and be aware of the financial world. To educate masses about the finance and money-saving tactics, Manish Chauhan created JagoInvestor in 2008. Visit the blog, to posses a good wealth and improve your financial life.

To make money from the blog, Manish Chauhan is selling online courses, financial books and consulting. This is so because it is very difficult to make money out of a finance related blog.

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Raju PP- is one of the finest blogs for technology with it’s focus on consumer and personal technology. It also focuses on web tools and gadgets. The blog keeps the readers updated about everything related to tech and serves as an online magazine. Techpp is a treat for tech lovers. The blog was started by Raju PP in 2008 who is an Electronics engineer. He had quit his job in 2009 to focus on his passion for blogging.

Google Adsense and Direct ads serve as the income source.

With high traffic and fan base following, the blogs have grown over the years. The blogs are not only worth the time, but also appreciation. If you are also one of the them, who love blogging and have great ideas, go on and create your own blog.

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