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Top 10 Hair Conditioner Brands In India 2020

| Published on November 5, 2020

With rising levels of pollution and changing customer perceptions, hair care has become as important as skincare. From never being a separate product category during the early days of the FMCG business to now being a dominant category, Haircare products are leading the way for revenue.

However, hair care doesn’t just mean an old-school shampoo today. It means customizing and being specific with your choices, especially while choosing the right hair conditioner for your hair. Be the brain and the beauty, by having your hair shine daily!

Wondering which conditioner to choose? Find a list of the top players in the run –

1. Loreal Paris

Loreal Hair Conditioner

The do-it-all brand is here to save you from all hair trouble! From dry scalp to natural solutions, it has a solution to all your problems. With multiple choices, Loreal Paris conditioners are known for smoothening and hair shine properties. Infact, it is a dream deal for anyone who wants to protect their colored strands.

Top Variants – Casting Crème Gloss, Damage Repair, Oil Nourish

2. Dove

Dove Hair Conditioner

Known for its wide-scale availability, Dove provides softness and lightness to your daily hair care routine. The Brand fits the budget with a price range of Rs 138 to Rs 2500 while ensuring that you don’t have to worry about frizz anymore!

Top Variants – Intense Repair, Rejuvenated Volume, Hair Fall Rescue

3. TRESemme

One of the best professional conditioners, Tresemme makes you feel fresh and warm post a hair wash. The conditioner looks after any nutritional deficiencies, bringing your hair mojo back! Moisturize, shine, and volumize, the brand is a leader in the game!

Top Variants –Healthy Volume, Keratin smooth with Marula oil, Moisture rich with Vitamin E

4. Pantene

Pantene Hair Conditioner

Making hair bounce and removing the pain of dandruff from your mind, Pantene always saves the day. A trustable brand, it takes care of any hair fall and changes your mood, bringing your hair back to its glorious days.

Top variants – Advanced Hairfall solution, 3-minute miracle (moisture renewal), Repair and Protect

5. The Body Shop

A luxurious and intensive care brand, it makes you feel connected to mother earth. With premium ingredients, it cleanses your hair and highlights its natural vibe. Slightly on the expensive side with a minimum spend of Rs 645, it is definitely worth every penny!

Top Variants – Banana Nourishing Conditioner, Strawberry Clearly Glossing

6. Matrix

Who doesn’t dream of smooth and detangled hair? Well, Matrix aims to make your dreams come true. With lasting impact, you automatically stop washing your hair too often due to its glistening work!

Top Variants – Opti care Smooth straight, Fiberstrong, Total results

7. Himalaya

Himalaya Herbal derives honest value from pure ingredients like chickpea and chine rose. Their conditioners let you enjoy the spotlight at parties and make you smile. From reduction in hair fall to dandruff control, Himalaya handles it all.

Top Variants – Gentle Daily care, Dryness defense, Damage repair

8. Biotique

A rare ayurvedic conditioner brand, it removes any hair issues that can cause dullness. From carrots to aloe vera, Biotique conditioners remove dryness and rely on the best caretaker, nature to guide your haircare routine.

Top Variants – Bio-Neem, Bio-Green Apple, Bio Walnut Bark

9. Garnier


Made of ultra-useful and smooth ingredients like argan oil, apricot, and fruit concentrate, Garnier promises to not disappoint. A quick apply and wash, it strengthens your hair without burning a hole in your pocket! A spa treatment right at home, with Garnier.

Top Variants – Royal Jelly Lavender, Fructis, Color Naturals

10. Sunsilk


With the motto to bring the best conditioner for your hair, the brand is here to make your hair just like you desire it to be! It smoothens your hair and manages split ends too. While packing a punch of nutrients, it also has SPF to protect your pretty hair.

Top Variants – Perfect Straight, Nourishing Soft and smooth, Lusciously Long and smooth

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