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Top 10 Food Business Ideas To Start In India With Low Investment

| Published on November 18, 2019

With the food and beverage industry at an all-time high in not just Tier-I but Tier-II and III cities as well, FSSAI is here to promote ideas for small food businesses with low investment.

A start-up in the right industry and following the right compliance rules would boost both the economy and household incomes in any geographical region!

These are some of the food business ideas that you can start at comparatively low investment:

1) Squeeze it out

Food business

With the increasing focus on health and better eating habits amongst people, Juices are the go-to detox drinks and breakfast options for most of the population. Fresh Juice shops near colleges, schools or office areas, providing a glass at decent prices are destined to see good business. Maintaining good hygiene and choosing the right fruits as per the season is the only requirement!

2) Stir Caffeine

Today’s generation can be rightfully called as coffee-lovers considering their insane love for caffeine. Coin your own menu and start your coffee shop. Choose the right location, right suppliers and a good staff to help around and have your customers happy. A coffee shop is as good as it’s vibe and people.

3) Bake, Bake, and Bake

Food business ideas

This is a good option if you don’t want to rent out a shop in the first place. Start from home if you are a baker and use social media or online delivery to kick-start your business. Once you have a stable customer base and understand logistics, you could always move ahead to a shop.

4) Hire the trucks

Establish a food truck where you can sell items like burgers, sandwiches, and wraps for starters. The advantage? Visit multiple crowded locations as per lunch/dinner timings and target multiple locations at once. Food trucks provide you with your own space and time at once.

5) Go Organic!

Start procuring organic food items and set up your own organic food store. This industry has low competition and high growth expectations. The prices are usually more expensive because of high input cost and low competition, hence allowing you to generate more profits.

6) Be the teacher

If you have extensive knowledge of cooking at home, start your own cooking workshops. You can also take classes at home with fixed prices, teaching various cuisines. The only cost is the raw material used to make the food while teaching and the cost behind printing the recipes. Everything else can be done via social media!

7) Spread sweetness

If you are an expert or know someone who is available for tie-ups, you could always set up a sweet shop instead of a western bakery. A sweet shop focuses on the local delicacies of a region and can be expanded in terms of even selling namkeen items.

8) Nutrition coach

Food business ideas 2020

If you have an idea about fitness, nutrition, and healthy recipes, register as a nutrition coach and render your services. Establish food plans, suggest quality intake and healthy exercise plans as a nutrition coach to high-end clients.

9) I scream you scream. We all scream for ice-cream

Launch an ice-cream store with the basic ice-cream flavours first. Then you can start expanding to sundaes, shakes and other desserts as well. Keep the shop small if needed and the ambience on point, customers would come in running.

10) Dairy shop

Establish a forever running store with dairy products like cheese, paneer, curd, and the list is endless. Make it available especially in areas where millennials live. They prefer purchasing quality raw material like paneer rather than making it at home. A dairy shop would never go out of business!

Use these ideas as suggestions and get to work!

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