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Top 10 Events That Caused Thunderstorms On Twitter In 2019

| Published on December 11, 2019

A lot happened in the year 2019, in India. We almost landed on the moon and had the world’s largest election event. As usual, any event that catches the most attention becomes popular on Twitter within minutes.

As Modi won the LokSabha Election, thousands and thousands of people tweeted on it but no other tweet could express happiness and celebratory heart other than Modi Ji himself on being elected for the second time in the row. Here’s what he tweeted.

Coming to Cricket, the love of Indians, the tweets which were expected to be regarding CWC or IPL match were, instead, dedicated to Virat Kohli. People fell in love with Kohli’s birthday tweet for the former captain M.S. Dhoni and retweeted it over and over.

Apparently, ‘the most loved tweet of 2018’ award again went to Virat and Anushka’s Karvachauth picture.

Top 10 Events That Caused Uproar On Twitter In 2019

1. Lok Sabha Elections 2019

#LokSabhaElections2019 has the top position in holding the most happening hashtag of the year 2019. More than 900 million people voted from the remotest locations of India. Modiji conquered his throne once again and won the elections!

2. Chandrayaan-2

Even before the rocket took off, the Chandrayaan-2 event managed to become extremely trending on Twitter. The excitement in people was super-high and did not seem to end. No one can say it was entirely a failure because the orbiter was still making circles around the moon.

3. Pulwama Attack

At the beginning of the year, 42 Indian Security Personals were attacked and killed in the Pulwama district of Kashmir by a militant. Millions of people have tweeted and expressed their sorrow, be it celebrities or common people.
And after some days, an army officer along with 4 soldiers was also killed in another encounter. That was a time of deep pain for all Indian citizens.

4. Cricket World Cup 2019

Another trending hashtag on twitter happened to be none other than #CWC19. Indians love cricket and they never stay aback to show their excitement and spirit whenever the matches are scheduled.

5. Diwali

Diwali is one of the most favorite and celebrated among Indians but in 2019, people did not only wish each other but shared their favorite moments of the festival!

6. Bigil

7. Avengers End Game

8. Ayodhya Verdict

9. Eid Mubarak

10. Article 370

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