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Top 10 Coolest Offices In India

| Published on February 20, 2020

Most offices send a refreshing mail on Monday Morning containing a good quote and conduct a half an hour of a meditation session to beat the Monday blues, but still, it is hard to forget the gone two chilling weekend days.
But what if your office is so cool that you will wait to go there? Yes, at some offices in India it is happening.
Starting with number ten here is our list of top 10 coolest offices in India:

10. General Motors, Gurgaon

Obviously, if you love cars, you will be working there. And the office interior clearly tells this is the office of a car manufacturer company.

9., Mumbai

It is one of the most relaxing office spaces in India. The office infrastructure makes you feel happy, which is very important if you have to work in a company in the hospitality industry.

8. Innov8, Chandigarh

There are very few good coworking spaces in India. Innov8 in Chandigarh is a vibrant, elegant and cool coworking office space.

7. Microsoft, Gurgaon

The office space is simply good. There is a separate space to play games, the theme of office interior is good, and the work environment we all know is good at Microsoft.

6. Piramal Enterprises Offices, Mumbai

It is a very beautiful and creative office space.

5. Google, Hyderabad

Google’s Hyderabad office campus is famous for its creativity.

4. Microsoft, Mumbai

Microsoft’s Mumbai office is one of the best office spaces of Microsoft in India.

3. White Canvas, Mumbai

White canvas is an elegant office space in Mumbai with wooden flooring and open architecture.

2. Myntra, Bengaluru

Myntra office space in Bengaluru is just calming and easy going. Like other office spaces in the list, it is not very creative, but still, simple, clean and soothing.

1. The Baya Park, Dadar, Mumbai

All we can say about this office space is sheer creativity and good vision for design.

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