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Top 10 Companies Looking For Work-From-Home Employees Around The World

| Published on January 17, 2020

As times have changed, the requirements of the society have also changed. Look at globalization, bringing nations together, look at the internet making things go digital and look at machine learning allowing artificial intelligence to take the front seat.

These new events come along with new jobs or avenues for individuals. With the rising world population, the economy has been coming up with new job roles and scenarios suiting the culture, taste, and preferences of both the consumer and the producer.

This is probably why companies around the world are on a hiring spree, especially for work-from-home jobs, searching for untapped potential and higher productivity. Here is a list if you’re curious –

1) Appen

Based out of New South Wales, Australia, Appen works to provide high speed and stable technology for machine learning. They have listed jobs in the fields of linguist, transcriber, and voice coach, probably looking for employees who can help the firm tackle international clients.

2) LionBridge

Based out of Massachusetts, it works in fields of language translation and localization, be it games, marketing or e-learning. The firm has listed work for home roles regarding creative designers and social media assessors, both possibly looking at a higher online presence for the company.

3) VIPKid

The company which is based out of China is a part of the education industry where it is currently looking for an online English teacher for second language students. This also hints at how the education industry is also looking to tap the online market.

4) Liveops

As the name suggests, the company operates in the customer service division, is headquartered in Arizona. It is looking for a customer service executive, licensed insurance agent and health care resource specialist, probably a team to take care of home-based networking.

5) Williams-Sonoma

A retail company based out of California, it has listed remote jobs for a customer service agent, copy manager, and technical designer, hoping to cut down travel time wastage and work better via online communication with employees.


A business operations company is looking to hire a software engineer, consultant and web developer for full-time work from home. The company understands the requirements of each role and prefers hands-on work as per employee comfort.

7) Humana

As a part of the healthcare industry in Kentucky, it is looking for a sales manager, business and technology lead and sales executive, which would all help in developing the business and generate higher sales revenue.

8) Cactus Communications

A communications company based out of Mumbai, India, is looking for an editor, medical writer, and academic research evaluator, all of which suit a work from home full-time job role.

9) Dell

This is one of the big brands exploring the work-from-home market. The technology company from Texas is looking for a sales executive, account executive, and consultant, all of which are highly communication and desk type roles.

10. Aetna

Another healthcare company which proves the dynamic change in the job scenarios of this industry, it is looking to hire a health coach, network relations manager, and content quality reviewer, all of which seem to be related to tapping into a higher clientele.

This proves the rise in home-based jobs, due to the increased use of the internet and the importance of databasing for companies. Moreover, hiring employees remotely is also cost-efficient and also guarantees high productivity, both at the same time.

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