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Top 10 Channels With Most Subscribers On YouTube

| Published on May 29, 2019

After the entrance of Jio in Indian market, the market of video-based promotions has seen a record-breaking growth. This is due to the fact that Indian audience now prefers consuming content in video form as it is more engaging and interactive which helps them build a stronger connection and convert potential customers to buy their product or services.

T-series has become the first Youtube channel in the world to reach 100 Million subscribers. PewDiePie is just behind T-series with 96 million subscribers. The rivalry between these two top channels has helped both to gain subscribers quicker than anyone else. Before October 2018, PewDiePie was in the lead for five years. In February 2019, T-series surpassed PewDiePie for few minutes but in March it managed to make a lead for longer. However, T-Series has gained finally made a fair lead to call it the number 1.

The online battle between the followers and die-hard fans of both these channels turned into a war and resulted in blocking of YouTube channel PewDiePie in India by Delhi High Court.


To get an idea about who else is leading the video space, we are presenting a list of top 10 Youtube channels all across the world with highest number of subscribers. Have a look:

Which is your favorite among all these? Do let us know in the comments section.

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