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Top 10 Car Marketing Campaigns Of All Time

| Published on January 13, 2019

Automobile industry serves of major importance in the economy with so much money at stake. They say, the Better you go, the higher the expectations turn out to be.

And thus all of the automobile brands instead of just providing top notch service and cars, constantly work to improve their marketing campaigns, match expectations and leave long term impacts

So let’s see which ones are those?

Volvo’s Truck split

With ‘Only time’ by Edna as the background score, this advertisement features two larger trucks (driving side by side) and Vans Damme doing a beautiful split during separation.

Chevy Stunts

The company portrayed it’s Sonic as a multiple function car and associated itself with Gas guzzlers using a string of cool advertisements. By the way, 120 Million views on YouTube, for one of them.

BMW’s Face City

Starting ahead with the virtual world, it allowed customers to have a virtual experience of driving through virtual cities in a virtual sports car. The first month into the campaign, they had 300000 visitors already.

Mobile + Lexus

An app called ‘Draw something’ was used to attract younger customers. Lexus joined and integrated itself with the app and critics suggest, it works.

Mustang and Mustang

The marketing campaign, highlighting the latest features of the new Mustang model caught a lot of attention. They also had the best, CJ Pony Parts on the job!

Audi going the Ricky way

Sticking to the tried and tested, workable method of advertising, Audi partnered with famous Comedian – Ricky Gervais, to sell their new more affordable model!

Mercedes plays safe

After Audi, Mercedes partnered with famous names like Willem Dafoe, Kate Upton, Usher to attract young buyers. It even aired the commercial during Super Bowl to do the job!

Chrysler Cherokee time

After vanishing for more than 10 years, the Jeep Cherokee is back. But, their advertisement had the same old policy, hardly showing the car but it worked, yet again.

Nissan’s Altima Power

The Japanese car maker, recently in the news, actually dressed up its sedans as race cars and had people take test drives on race tracks. It left passengers surprised beyond imagination.

Mini cooper still in the run

Even after failed attempts by many competitors to roll out their own versions, Mini Cooper has advertisements that show them the real boss all the time.

Well, take inspiration or have a smile on your face, these advertisements make the cut for both!

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