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Top 10 Business Ideas With Minimum Investment In India

| Published on October 5, 2019

It has been said that the smallest company in the world can look as large as the largest company on the web- Steve Jobs.

Yes Starting a New Business can be tough, but the way we see it, Waiting for the Perfect is never as Smart as making Progress, So today we are going to tell you about 10 Businesses that can be done with an Investment of 20,000 Rupees

Starting a New Business requires whole-heartedness and in case you are entering with an Exit Strategy then you don’t truly love what you do.

To make entrepreneurship smooth, we have a few ideas that could help you, in building your own BRAND!

Incense sticks (Agarbatti)

Agarbattis are a popular consumer product, especially during Festive Season, Not only in India the demand for Burning Scented Sticks has increased tremendously. The production process of Incense sticks is quick and easy, all you need is Punk Sticks and Fragrance Oils, and all the components are Natural Materials.

The fragrant oils are made of oil from naturally aromatic plants or from other perfumes or fragrances that are mixed in an oil base. Small quantities of paint are used to color-code

No By-Products are made, Dust is the primary waste material and also there are no safety hazards to the employees

The investment is done in the form of Semi Automatic or Automatic Agarbatti Making Machines


The Garment Industry is largely dependent on Button’s to complete their product. Button’s can be made of various materials like Plastic, Steel, and Wood, thus giving us a wide range.

Investment 30,000-40,000

Designer lace

Dressing up starts at the age of 5 and never truly ends. A person with a taste of Fashion can definitely design laces since, with the emerging fashion trends, the demand for different types of Laces will also grow. Not only domestic demand, but the exports may also see a hike in the coming future.

Investment 25,000-50,000

Ice Cream Cone

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy Ice Cream and that is pretty much the same. Today Ice Cream is one of the most popular desserts choices among the Youth.

Thus if you wish to start small, this could be your option, you can start Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing Unit in a small space with an Investment of 1Lakh.

Hand made Chocolate’s

There is nothing better than a Friend unless that Friend makes Hand-Made Chocolates. Statistics show that Revenue in the Chocolate Confectionery segment amounts to US$1,771m in 2019, and the market is expected to grow tremendously.

All you have to do is start with an initial Investment of 40,000-50,000 to purchase Raw Material and Packaging


A Disc Shaped food that is often seen as an accessory to most meals in India. The Manufacturing Process of this Fried or Roasted food is quite simple.

Investment Rupees 30,000-40,000

Jute bags

As we move towards a Sustainable Future lets shift from Plastic to Jute Bags, More Durable less Harmful. The market for Reusable and Fashionable Bags is on the rise.

Starting us this business requires a small investment of Rupees 50,000-1 Lakh

Organic Soap

Organic Soaps are one of the leading products providing customers with an experience where they can pamper themselves Naturally.

To start a small herbal soap business you need raw materials like glycerin, herbs, essential oils, microwave, and more. An investment of about Rupees 1.5 lakh to Rupees 2 lakh is required for scaled production.

Coconut Hair Oil

People these days have become conscious about the use of natural products. Many do not hesitate to pay a premium on quality products when it comes to health and beauty. Therefore, starting a coconut hair oil unit can be a good small business idea.

This low-cost business idea needs an approximate investment of Rupees 1 lakh.

Tempered Glass for smart phones

India’s Smartphones Market is growing at an alarming rate, but with Smartphones also comes accessories like Tempered Glass, Phone Cover’s.

Tempered Glass can be made under high-temperature machines where glass is heated and then rapidly cooled. The tempered glass also contains Silicon and Glue. The glue ensures that it sticks to the smartphone and is a thus an essential component in its manufacturing.

Investment Rupees 75,000- Rupees 1.5Lakh

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