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Check Out The Top 10 Brands In Kantar BrandZ Ranking

Apple maintains its position as the world's most valuable brand. Microsoft surpasses Amazon, joins Google in top three

| Published on June 16, 2023

Apple has once again secured the top position as the world’s most valuable brand with a brand value of $6.9 trillion. This article explores the key highlights of the Kantar BranZ report, emphasizing the continued dominance of technology brands.

Check Out The Top 10 Brands In Kantar BrandZ Ranking

Unwavering Resilience

Apple’s brand value declined by 20% from the previous year, but its long-term growth trajectory remains robust with a remarkable 47% increase compared to pre-COVID levels. This highlights Apple’s resilience and ability to thrive in challenging times.

Justifying Premium Prices

Apple’s ability to maintain its positive market perceptions allows the brand to justify premium prices. Valued at $880 billion, Apple’s consistent delivery of innovative and high-quality products has solidified its position at the top, captivating consumers globally.

Tech Giants at the Forefront

Joining Apple in the top three spots are technology powerhouses Google and Microsoft. This further emphasizes the dominance of technology brands in the Kantar BrandZ Top 100, highlighting their significant influence and relevance in our lives.

Key highlights from the 2023 report

Check Out The Top 10 Brands In Kantar BrandZ Ranking

  • A total of 16 brands within the Top 100 experienced growth in brand value, with Airtel (No.76) and Pepsi (No.91) leading the pack with the highest growth rates compared to 2022.
  • The Top 100 saw the return of nine brands, such as Colgate (No.95), Sony (No.99), and Pampers (No.100), reclaiming their positions in the rankings.
  • The Top 100 welcomed two new Chinese brands, Shein (No.70) and Nongfu Spring (No.81), making their debut in the rankings.
  • Amid market fluctuations, the Luxury, Fast Food, and Food & Beverages categories demonstrated notable resilience.
  • Brands that effectively justify a higher price than competitors, leveraging their consumer equity, experienced remarkable growth, increasing their brand value by 67% over the past four years.
  • The potential for sustainability as a brand opportunity remains largely untapped, with only 2% of the most valuable global brands being recognized as leaders in this field.

The 2023 Kantar BrandZ Top 10: The Most Valuable Global Brands

Here are the top 10 most valuable global brands according to the 2023 Kantar BrandZ ranking.

Rank Brand Country of Origin Brand Value 2023 ($Mil.) Brand Value 2022 ($Mil.)
1 Apple US 880,455 947,062
2 Google US 577,683 819,573
3 Microsoft US 501,856 611,460
4 Amazon US 468,737 705,646
5 McDonald’s US 191,109 196,526
6 Visa US 169,092 191,032
7 Tencent China 141,020 214,023
8 Louis Vuitton France 124,822 124,273
9 MasterCard US 110,631 117,253
10 Coca-Cola US 106,109 97,883

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