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Top 10 Bloggers In Mumbai 2020

| Published on February 28, 2020

Blogging is a fascinating concept by which people can share their views and inspire millions. It is an excellent way of gaining recognition by following your passion. Here are the top 10 bloggers in Mumbai.

1. Santoshi Shetty


Santoshi Shetty, with Instagram follower base 656K, is a bold and beautiful fashion blogger. Her blog, The Style Edge is all about edgy and minimalistic fashion. Through her fashion styles, she has won titles such as the Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year and spotlight fashion blogger of the year.

2. Nikhil Sharma


Nikhil Sharma, a travel influencer and YouTuber, is a complete Mumbaikar by heart. Each of his posts is unique since he shares a story along with the pictures. He has travelled many beautiful places such as Las Vegas, Qatar, Greece and so on and currently has an Instagram follower base of 911K.

3. Deepika Mehta


Deepika Mehta better known as ‘Yogini’ is famous all over India for teaching the Ashtanga Yoga technique. She is a fitness trainer and blogger who has an Instagram follower base of 207K. Vogue magazine 2014 featured her as one of the three women who are redefining beauty ideals in India. She has also been the face of the fitness campaign 2015 in Elle India.

4. Rishabh Mittal


With a personal blog by the name Grubzon and an Instagram follower base of 702K, Rishabh Mittal is a well-known food blogger whose mouthwatering posts are hard to resist. His gourmet journeys are a paradise for all foodies out there. His high-quality content makes his blogs relatable and engaging and that’s the reason behind his huge Instagram popularity.

5. Aashna Shroff


The Snob Journal by Aashna Shroff is all about elegance and high-end fashion. With her unique fashion sense and fashion tutorials, she has motivated many and has stood out as one of the most influential bloggers. She has an Instagram follower base of 698K.

6. Garima Goel: Garima’s Good Life

Garima’s Good Life is a popular vlog channel by former media professional Garima Goel. Her blog is unique because being an actress herself, she shares tutorials and tips about acting. Her videos are informative and give an idea to the audience who wants to pursue their career in the Entertainment industry.

7. Ranveer Allahbadia


Ranveer Allahbadia is an inspiring health and fitness blogger who is a proud founder of the BeerBiceps Media Pvt Ltd and the co-founder of Monk Entertainment. He sports the ideal body of a fitness freak and encourages others to maintain their physique as well.

8. Swarali


Swarali, with a personal blog Mumbai Food Junkie and an Instagram follower base of 111K, is a food and travel blogger who is an expert in combining adventure and appetite in one plate.

9. Juhi Godambe


With a hint of fitness inspiration, Juhi Godambe is a classic combination of fashion and elegance. She has a massive fan following on Instagram of 324K and her posts are worth glancing at.

10. Namrata Purohit


Namrata Purohit is the world’s youngest trained Stott Pilates instructor. She has become a prominent face in the fitness blogging world by serving a number of Bollywood celebrities and athletes and has 265K followers on Instagram.

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