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Explore Top 5 Best Valentine’s Day Campaigns From Previous Years

Brands have created amazing campaigns for Valentine's Day in past years to bring smiles to the faces of their loved ones.

| Published on February 2, 2024

Explore Top 10 Best Valentine's Day Campaigns From Previous Years

As we welcome the new year, the season of love is upon us once again with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.

How can brands make this celebration of love not only memorable but also truly innovative?

Over the years, Valentine’s Day campaigns have taken various forms, each attempting to break through the clutter in distinctive ways. However, the current years stand out as a proof to some of the most unconventional and creative approaches by brands.

Whether it’s fostering expressions of love or extending affection to ex-employees, brands have certainly elevated the art of Valentine’s Day marketing previous years.

Join us as we explore the top 5 most outstanding and inventive Valentine’s Day campaigns from recent years.

1. Coca-Cola’s “Love is in the Air” (2019)

Coca-Cola had introduced an exclusive collection of bottles adorned with affectionate designs, incorporating love-themed phrases such as “You’re my other half” and “Love is in the air.” This limited edition release aims to infuse a touch of romance into the beverage experience, creating a unique and heartfelt connection with consumers.

2. Cadbury 5 Star’s “Valentine’s Day Alibi” (2021)

With the season of romance looming, Cadbury 5 Star introduced an innovative campaign aimed at rescuing singles from the daunting question, ‘What are you doing on Valentine’s Day?’. Urging them to reply with “I’m not in town…I’m going to my cousin’s wedding”, the brand ingeniously crafted the perfect solution for singles to sidestep the sea of roses and reds that felt more like blues.

3. Cadbury Silk ’s “#HowFarWillYouGoToMakeThemBlush” (2021)

Cadbury Silk turned this imaginative scenario into reality, allowing individuals to reveal a secret message by simply using their phones. The campaign catered to both deeply in love couples and heartbroken singles, providing everyone a reason to celebrate the festival of love. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk’s ‘How far will you go to make them Blush’ campaign and Cadbury 5Star’s limited-edition Valentine’s Day Packaging, featuring QR codes for exciting prizes on the 5Star Nothing Coin website, left netizens impressed with their innovative approaches.

4. Skinn by Titan’s “Best Said With SKINN” (2021)

SKINN, a distinguished fragrance brand under the Titan umbrella, unveiled a digital film as part of its #FeelYourBest campaign, enfolded the delight and enthusiasm of the love season. Executed by Ogilvy South, the #FeelYourBest initiative exalted the uplifting impact of perfumes on one’s mood and overall vibe, captured the essence of the campaign.

5. Spotify’s Blend to Love. Love to Blend (2022)

Spotify infused a Valentine’s Day flair into its Blend feature in 2022, allowing users to craft love-themed playlists and assess their musical compatibility with their Valentines. Users invited their partners to create a Blend, determining compatibility based on music taste alignment percentages.

Which campaign resonated with you the most and you want to share with your loved ones?

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