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Top 10 Best Indian Ad Campaigns Of January 2021

| Published on February 14, 2021

The year 2021 began learnings from our past mistakes and with the hope for a better tomorrow. While the previous year brought us all together in unity for the fight against the pandemic, it also changed the whole dynamic of our thought process.

With the dramatic change in our lifestyles and getting a more clear understanding of the things truly important to us, the year taught us all so much.

Many brands released their ad campaigns in Jan’21 which were a lot in line with the learnings post the pandemic. Clutter Clutters released the list of top 10 ad campaigns for January 2021.


In the wake of the COVID19, the whole world has started living the new normal of social distancing and constant sanitizing. What got us all through the year of the pandemic was the precautions everybody took and the combined prayers we all made.

While the central governments of every country took initiative to educate people for the same, many brands also took the liberty to advertise the importance of handwashing as well. United Colors of Benetton‘s ad campaign on Republic day reminded us to never forget the things we have learned that safety is all that matters.

9. Truecaller #ItsNotOkCommercial

Truecaller brought to light a topic that is known to all but not spoken much about. The harassment women face on a daily basis has been talked about in Truecaller’s latest ad campaign. The 15-second video by the brand shows explicit threats and harassment women face and how #itisnotok.

8. #ChangeForPositive – Work from Home_Harassment

Population First is a Mumbai based NGO and the ad campaign released by the organization gave a strong message against harassment that women employees go through even while working from home. It encouraged people to unite and take a stand against such acts irrespective of where it is happening and with whom.

7. Lux: Kareena Kapoor Khan

Lux‘s ad campaign was against the bias women go through during their pregnancy and are judged for their choice of life they make. A working woman, for example, will be judged for choosing to be both a mother and a professional. Kareena Kapoor Khan in the ad campaign talks about how she is judged and discouraged to work after having a baby and even while being pregnant.

6. Pampers #ItTakes2: A father’s promise

It takes 2 to make a baby, it takes 2 to raise a baby! Pampers India is taking the first step in sharing a father’s promise and his pledge to be a partner in parenting. The ad campaign beautifully depicts how a father feels and the unnoticed efforts that he makes through the pregnancy and post the birth of their child.

5. Jos Alukkas – Shine on, girl.

The jewelry brand’s ad campaign has received a lot of praise for its empowering ad campaign and the discrimination and discouragement women go through in all walks of life.

4. Parle-G Statue

Parle wants people to take a moment and think if they have made anyone happy today. The brand with the ad campaign wants people to learn the importance of the efforts make and reciprocate the same with small gestures in our daily lives.

3. Tata Sky | Pehli Lohri

Video credit: Bhawsheel

2. BYJU’s #KeepLearning

BYJU’s with this innovative ad campaign is showing how the dynamics between parents and children are changing with time. The animated videos, personalized lessons, and game-like quizzes ensure that children understand concepts completely and confidently when they learn. With the BYJU’S way, parents no longer need to worry about their children’s studies, they can simply enjoy being their partner in fun.

1. Aisle: One By Two | Aisle | All Commercials

Dating app Aisle has depicted the desi romance we Indians have the little things that make us happy.

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