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Top 10 Best Cities To Live In India

| Published on June 23, 2021

Many of us have planned or thought of moving to a new city altogether. For a better job opportunity or to just start a new life, a new city has so much to offer. But the only trouble we face is to decide the place. A prior understanding of the demographic and career scope a city has is so important.

This article might help all those who are planning to move to a different city. According to the ‘State of India’s Environment in Figures 2021’ report by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), Bengaluru is the most liveable city in India.

Bengaluru – The Most Livable City

As per the report, Bengaluru has a score of 78.82 which makes it the best city in terms of economic ability. When it comes to the Ease of Living Index, Bengaluru topped with a score of 66.7.

Image Source: TOI

The report says that only one state capital (Bengaluru) demonstrates a decent economic ability, scoring 78.82 out of 100. Four other state capitals (Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi) provide middling economic opportunities. The rest have all scored less than 30 out of 100, the report further stated.

Reports’ Findings

In general, the capital cities of the states in the country are believed to be most developed and are also expected to have a high living index than the rest of the cities.

However, the report from CSE has analysed stated that only three state capitals in the country feature in the top 10 list of most livable cities in India (as per the Ease of Living Index, 2020).

The CSE analysis tells that though Indian cities have expanded rapidly, essential municipal services and economic and other opportunities have ‘failed to keep up.’

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