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Top 10 Benefits Of Removal Of Article 370

| Published on August 8, 2019

Article 370, a special privilege given to Jammu & Kashmir was scrapped on Monday (5th August 2019) dividing Jammu & Kashmir into two Union territories – Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir. Apart from that, here’s a list of the benefits of Article 370 that will be in favour of Jammu & Kashmir and the entire nation!

1. One Nation One Flag

Now, Jammu & Kashmir cannot have a separate flag of its own. The Indian National Flag will be raised from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Article 370

2. Removal of special status

The special status from the states of Jammu & Kashmir has been removed, due to which the central government can directly control the constitution in Jammu & Kashmir.

3. President Rule

Jammu & Kashmir will become a Union Territory, where President Rule will be enforced like Other UT’s, according to Article 356.

4. Ladakh separated

Ladakh will be separated from Jammu & Kashmir and be made a separate Union Territory, although it will not have a Legislative Assembly.

5. Article 35(A) scrapped

People from anywhere around the country can now buy land in Jammu & Kashmir, which was not possible according to the previous Article 35(A).

6. Reduction of Terrorism

The central government will have control over all the terrorism activities with more ease, unlike earlier.

 7. Trade development

Trading in Jammu & Kashmir will become easier as businessmen can purchase land and do business there.

8. No separate constitution

Now the Constitution of India will prevail in every state and UT of India, which Jammu & Kashmir were exempted from, earlier.

9. Respect for Our Flag

Defamation of the Indian National Flag will now be a criminal offense in Jammu & Kashmir as well, which was not the case earlier.

10. Governing Body

There will be a Lt. Governor instead of a Governor, just like other Union Territories.

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