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Top 10 Advertisers On TV From Jan to March 2020

| Published on May 5, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has its major downside on most industries while others benefitted immediately. 85% of an increase in sales was noticed through ad sales on television alone, and quite a few brands had their roles to play. Of them, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) rose as the highest spender of the first quarter of the year.

There was a 2 percent growth of ad insertions, according to a report by AdEx India, for January to March this year in comparison to the same months in the year 2018. The advertisements in several sectors improved the band’s image on online and offline channels. Personal Care/Hygiene advertisements contributed to 19% of ad volume share, followed by the Food and Beverage sector which had at least 18% of the ad volume.

TAM AdEx data

When it comes to advertising categories, soap essentials ranked first in the list. They were followed by other household essentials including washing powders, toilet cleaners and your everyday toothpaste. HUL led the top position in both statistics, followed by Reckitt Benckiser and ITC Group of Hotels.

The Top 10 advertisers this season from January to March 2020 have been,

  1. Hindustan Unilever
  2. Reckitt Benckiser (India)
  3. ITC
  4. Brooke Bond Lipton India
  5. Cadburys India
  6. Colgate Palmolive
  7. Wipro
  8. Smithkline Beecham
  9. Procter & Gamble
  10. Ponds India

Reckitt Benckiser’s Dettol soaps and liquid handwashes stormed the markets across India to the extent of being out of stock. The top 100 brands in the first quarter were dominated by 26 brand of Hindustan Unilever Limited and 12 from Reckitt Benckiser.

HUL and Reckitt Benckiser are having a surefire competition for the top rank, covering regional and national channels in India with their advertisements alone. Which of their products do you use on a daily basis?

Source: Financial Express

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