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Toofan’s Brand Product Placements In The Movie Will Give You Marketing Lessons

| Published on July 28, 2021

Product integration has very well been known to be a task when it comes to placing them just right in the movies. They need to be done in a manner that does not annoy the audience and doesn’t seem quite obvious. By no means can it be in your face or be promoted directly. Which is why, it’s safe to say that when the recent release of the Farhan Akhtar starrer, Toofan has been able to integrate a number of brands in the movie which came out on Amazon Prime Video.

Excel Entertainment’s Toofan has gotten multiple in film partners, the likes of which include Bridgestone, Goldmeal, Amul, Ola, India TV, USI, Lifestyle,, Flamingo,, Muscle Blaze, and AliveCor India.

With the lead actor, Farhan Akhtar proving to be a personification for all the brands, his image along with the narrative that the movie was built around complimented the brand image that the companies are trying to build.

Since the film was based on sports, brands such as, MuscleBlaze and AliveCor India have found their space and fit right in. The brands merged right into the script and did not seem like a brand promotion as opposed to multiple other occasions that the film industry has been privy to. Similarly, since the brands complimented the film and matched with its ethos, they did not seem to make a clutter in the film with just the right number of integrations.

Let’s have a look at all the integrated promotions that took place.

AliveCor India


Muscle Blaze

Ola Cabs

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