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To Encourage Work-Life Balance IT Company Locks Laptops After The Shift Ends: “PLEASE GO HOME”

| Published on February 21, 2023

A new initiative by an Indian IT company tends to send workers home after work hours.

Finding a work-life balance is becoming more and more challenging for people in a culture that prizes hyper-productivity. SoftGrid Computers, a Madhya Pradesh-based provider of IT services and consultancy, has now made it a priority to ensure that none of its staff members are encouraged to stay until the end of their shifts.

Have you ever received a warning from a company to go home and secure your computer after work hours? According to a LinkedIn post posted by an employee, Tanvi Khandelwal became well-known after posting, “Your shift is finished. Please return home.

Khandelwal mentioned When your organization prioritizes a healthy work environment, you don’t need “any Monday Motivation or Fun Friday to improve your mood!”.

Here is the Full Linkedin Post that she has shared:

More than 3.7 lakh people have commented on Khandelwal’s post and more than 9,070 reposts. Several individuals praised this idea, while some thought it was too constrictive. A few others complained that this action would put unneeded pressure on workers to fulfill strict deadlines during work hours, particularly if the activity required overtime.

Here are some responses to the post from users:

People have varying opinions about the topic. While many applaud the practice, few think it would add to the load.

The automated computer lock is a little much for my cautious self. How do you feel about this concept?

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