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Tips To Grow On TikTok As A Influencer & Earn Money

| Published on July 3, 2019

In recent times, Tik Tok has become the most popular social media app. Not just limited to the youth, the app has users of every demographic.

Just like its influencers, Tik Tok‘s fame has rapidly grown. With more than 1 billion downloads from the App Store and Google Play, TikTok presents a great opportunity for influencers to interact with over 500 million users and use their engagement to profit from the platform. Out of which 200 million users are in India alone.

Being a Tik Tok influencer is not as easy as it may seem. One has to maintain its audience with there constant video updates.

The popularity of the app has grown so much that it has given way to a parallel economy in India. You can now attend classes and workshops that will actually teach you how to enhance your career in being an influencer on social media.

So for our readers, we have found a few ways that one can follow in order to grow as a Tik Tok influencer.

Be regular

Regularity has become very important in online world. Social media influencer is not a part-time job now as the public is looking for new content all the time. Being regular also helps to make content on the trending topics which have the highest chances of going viral.

Understand your audience.

Before uploading a new video, understand your audience and there taste. Go through your followers and also see what genre of videos do your fans like most. This will help you in maintaining your fanbase and even increase your followers.

Influencer Marketing


Influencers have become the latest marketing tool for many companies. Since they have direct access to millions of followers, product placement becomes really useful. One may promote a product or a service in exchange for compensation.

Use Viral Challenges.

The key factor that adds up to one’s profile is now up to date one is with the latest trends. Keep track of the latest viral challenges and hashtags trending on social media & make a collaborative video with another famous influencer.

Make Entertaining Content

While there are many things one can do to become successful on social media, being entertaining tops them all. No matter how many boxes you tick if you are not providing entertaining content you will not succeed.

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As we said in the beginning, being an influencer is not an easy job. One has to put up a lot of hard work from the point of developing the concept of the video to maintaining the interest level of its followers. But if done right you can boost your career in this newly found profession and find the fame you seek.

Is there anything you wish to add to the list above? Do let us know in the comments below.

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