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TikTok To Reward Users Who Download And Use The App With Rs.1 Lakh

| Published on May 4, 2019

TikTok keeps its promise to return and with a bang! 

Starting from the star, TikTok has been making news for quite some time now with its whole controversy of being banned and now resurrected. 

TikTok Ban And Resurrection

The Chinese video making and sharing app was banned by the Madras High Court in the early April due to its adult content which they believed was polluting the youth of India. However, the ban nowhere stated anything in regards to the existing users of the app creating confusion as to if the ban was even logical or not. 

Putting an end to this, the High Court announced that the ban on TikTok may end on April 24, and while the app was taken down from Apple App Store and Google PlayStore, it was made legal and free to download again in merely a span of 20 days.

Following the orders and precautions issued by the High court the freshly updated app comes with a bunch of new security features. 

TikTok also became the 15th most downloaded app on the store and was ranked 4th among the category of social apps on Google Playstore. 

Surely leaving you to wonder how did even TikTok manage to scale such heights in such a short time. Well here is your answer, promotions and offers! 

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#ReturnofTikTok  – The Offer

TikTok is now offering monetary awards to users to download and use the app. Yes, you heard that right! Apparently, Bytedance the father company of TikTok is giving away a prize of Rs. 1 lakh cash to people who download the app. The offer will be valid from May 1 to May 16 2019. 

Bytedance is probably trying to make up its lost revenues for the time during which TikTok was banned. The company lost as much as $500,000 (Rs 3.48 crore) each day that it had been banned. 

So is this offer good enough for you to download the notorious app?

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