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TikTok Launches New Innovative Digital Advertising Solutions For Indian Brands

| Published on March 16, 2019

TikTok seems to be unstoppable right now as the popularity of this small video sharing app is attracting brands with a new marketing strategy. TikTok today showcased its vision to Indian brands on using the power of User Generated Content (UGC) in New Delhi.

TikTok showcased the evolving digital advertising landscape and how to first time-internet users joining social media can be attracted. TikTok also shared insights on the new rules of engagement for Generation ‘Z’ with the brands in India.


TikTok’sHashtag Challenges have become very popular when it comes to advertising the campaigns of brands.

Enhancing brand engagement and consumer trust with UGC

TikTok believes that brands are in need of advertising sync with the Gen Z which likes to S-I-N-C (Short-form, Influencer Driven, Native and Co-Created). Brand Takeover is a new strategy for digital traffic and with full-screen vertical display and will help advertisers. In-feed Native Video will bring original, and interactive way for ads, which is designed to trigger more in-depth interactions from the users.

Sachin Sharma, Head, Ad Sales and Customer Support, ByteDance India, said, “User Generated Content (UGC) has become the new point of entry for first time-internet users in India making it the highest data consumer in the world. As a marketer, it is vital to ensure that your brand is effectively connected to your audience, which makes it the right time for brands start looking at platforms such as TikTok and the wide and innovative digital advertising solutions that they bring.”

Quote source: BrandEquity

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